15 December: international day of tea

Each 15 of December is commemorates the day international of the tea, an ephemeris that established them main countries producers of tea-Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka-of common agreement with agencies international for say them rights of them workers of the plantations of tea and them small producers, promote … Leer más

Reinfusionar tea

One of the advantages of the tea leaves is that reinfusionar can be, i.e. more cups of tea with the same leaves can be prepared. Depends on the variety of tea that we choose, will vary the number of times that we can reinfusionarlo. For example, the tea blue (oolong) is very known for its … Leer más

How heat water for tea?

A well made tea cup of hot tea can comfort the soul of any Tea lover. Good preparation can enhance the taste of the tea and here comes into play different techniques to heat the water, as well as the temperature, the amount of water or the infusion time, key issues that will determine the … Leer más

Herbal teas and foods that help you relax

Sleep is as important as eating for good health. That is why it is important to have a quality sleep and rest the hours that our body needs at every moment, but it is not always easy. Help you of infusions as the Chamomile or others that elaborate in Aromas of tea and that contain food that help to relax is and, therefore, to rest and get reconcile a dream repairman

Tea and infusions: the best ally to lose weight after Christmas

The benefits of tea and infusions are known all over the world. Natural products, no side effects and that can be taken at any time of the day and all over the world. But ojo! Not to everyone they feel you well all teas and not everyone has the same effects. Then we are going to explain what type of teas are best suited for the famous operation detox after the excesses of Christmas.

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Cold? Medicinal herbs in teas and infusions

Autumn and winter are the times in which people are more likely to suffer from colds, colds, cough, or flu. Fortunately, in nature we find a large number of plants that we have to the fingertips and with taking them into infusion, help us to reduce the symptoms of the aforementioned pathologies, even to prevent them. For your added convenience, tea aromas have become them infusions and teas are

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Spring asthenia: teas and plants which help you to combat it

With the arrival of the good weather, the 10% of the population suffers the commonly known, «asthenia spring». The change of season ago that many people feel exhausted and unable to carry out everyday tasks. However, has a solution, and how could it be otherwise, because of what nature gives us. If this is your case, you see what teas, plants and guidelines help you to combat it.