Tea and infusions help to take care of your health cardiovascular

heartbeat-163709_640A strong, healthy heart is synonymous with health. If we don’t care, problems can become very serious, already that this body set our pace of life and are associated with numerous diseases that are very dangerous if not controlled, can become fatal.

For this reason, because we like to take care of us and help you take care of your health always that we can, today we want to orient this article towards cardiovascular health care. We would like to explain what are some of the most common diseases, what kind of foods, products or bad habits must avoid or eliminate in our lives and, of course, are those who feel us great and that, even improve our health.

Between them and as not could be of another way, the tea, whose high power antioxidant allows reduce the cholesterol bad and keep it to stripe when this is located in its levels optimal. But not only tea talk, but also to those foods that help us care for cardiovascular health and, of course, and to the extent possible, add them to our teas, to bring our little grain of sand in the improvement and the care of the health of our clients. We started!

What are the diseases cardiovascular?

According to The Club of the hypertensive, cardiovaculares diseases are those which «affects the arteries of the heart and the rest of the body, mainly the brain, kidney and lower limbs, being the most important and common, myocardial infarction, as well as cerebrovaculares accidents, i.e., thrombosis, embolism or cerebral hemorrhages».

This type of diseases anyone who can get them their lifetime if not cared for, or if you have certain conditions that predispose to allergies, such as: age, sex, race and, especially, family history.

These factors cannot be changed, but that it can do so are the following: high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, overweight, physical inactivity, alcohol abuse, anxiety or stress. Of them all, the most damaging are the high level of bad cholesterol, as well as tobacco.

How to prevent cardiovascular risk?


As with all diseases, without a doubt, the best way to prevent these diseases is prevention and for this it is necessary to bear in mind certain guidelines that we include in our daily life, as a daily task. In fact, the basic guidelines are simple and everyone should take them into account in his life:

-No smoking: and if we can not avoid it, smoking as little as possible. Try to replace tobacco with other products healthier, such as chewing gum or candies, which can change our craving. Even electronic cigarettes that sold in pharmacies to quit, may be a good choice to smoke as little as possible.

-Healthy and balanced food: there is to eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Drink 2 liters of water daily (if water alone don’t like it, consume it with tea and infusions can help you) and don’t forget the fish, eggs and white meat. You can consume meat red, but to a lesser extent that it white. The chicken and the rabbit are especially good, as well as the Turkey, that contain much less fat.

-Walking 30 minutes a day: and at good pace. In this way help to pump the heart and that this is keep active.

-Get the love!: because is really very good for the health cardiovascular and for our State of mood, in general. Indeed, it has shown that people who make love regularly enjoy better physical and mental health. No matter the age or the sex. Each one goes at their own pace, but enjoy it.

-Change the coffee teas and infusions: because their degree in caffeine is much smaller than the coffee, in addition to being much more antioxidant and, therefore, good for the heart.

Foods and beverages that help to take care of the heart

Fortunately, there are many, but we would like to highlight the following:

-Fiber-rich foods: like cereals, legumes or vegetables.

-Soluble fiber: as fruit fresh or oats.

-Potassium-rich: as peaches, bananas or grapes.

-Foods rich in vitamin C: mainly fresh fruit.

-Folate-rich foods: as nuts

-Dark chocolate: that helps restore the flexibility of the arteries and prevents leukocytes from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels.

-Tea: mainly the Green, white and blue, but the rest are also good for the heart, since they bring to our body, flavonoids, that our body cannot produce it only, and that is very good for protecting our cardiovascular health. In addition, they are also antioxidants, which regenerates the heart cells.

Tea for your heart

Now that you know the benefits that tea has to cardiovascular health and know, in the same way, what type of food are the most recommended to enjoy a good heart health, we would like to tell you what are some teas and most recommended infusions of our shop, to take care of your heart.

-Green tea and white tea: any of the green teas, white teas or www.aromasdete.com green and white teas recline you great at your heart, caring for your cardiovascular health. Tea white, Furthermore, contain little protein allows that we can take it at any time and is much milder than green tea. Within these three types of tea, green tea splendor , green and white tea grenadine sorbet or green and white tea lemon sorbet, are some of the most recommended.

-Rich red fruit teas and infusions: by its high content in vitamin C, such as for example, rooibos berries or white tea Pai Mu Tan cherry. And rich in vitamin C is also the Children Fruit, loaded with different types of fruit infusion.

-Teas and infusions with chocolate: by the properties which we have formerly mentioned this product originating in Latin America. Among the different products of tea flavours including chocolate, the most recommended are rooibos chocolate delights and chocolate chips, coconut rooibos, which also includes chocolate.

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