Reinfusionar tea

One of the advantages of the tea leaves is that reinfusionar can be, i.e. more cups of tea with the same leaves can be prepared. Depends on the variety of tea that we choose, will vary the number of times that we can reinfusionarlo. For example, the tea blue (oolong) is very known for its … Leer más

Cold? Medicinal herbs in teas and infusions

Autumn and winter are the times in which people are more likely to suffer from colds, colds, cough, or flu. Fortunately, in nature we find a large number of plants that we have to the fingertips and with taking them into infusion, help us to reduce the symptoms of the aforementioned pathologies, even to prevent them. For your added convenience, tea aromas have become them infusions and teas are

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Spring asthenia: teas and plants which help you to combat it

With the arrival of the good weather, the 10% of the population suffers the commonly known, «asthenia spring». The change of season ago that many people feel exhausted and unable to carry out everyday tasks. However, has a solution, and how could it be otherwise, because of what nature gives us. If this is your case, you see what teas, plants and guidelines help you to combat it.

Pope: know as well that you feel the tea?

On the occasion of father’s day, we want to make a special post dedicated to men, that will explain, briefly, what are the main benefits of tea for the male sex. Forget already stupid gossip saying, falsely, that the tea and infusions are only things of women and see all that these beverages you can make in your day to day.

Celebrate Valentine sharing tea

Whenever takes a SIP of your cup of tea preferred, not only you knows to glory, but experience feelings very pleasant and satisfactory that you carry to feel a real love by the tea. And that is precisely what all seek to give people that we want to: satisfaction, love, affection… Then, why not share a cup of tea with the people you most want?

Licorice: a plant very healthy

Take teas and infusions based licorice us helps to take care of our health daily, since is is of a plant rich in minerals and vitamin C, that us will help in them processes digestive, us raises the mood and helps to combat them depressions mild, besides leave us an excellent flavor of mouth. To what you expect to put it in your diet daily?