Spring asthenia: teas and plants which help you to combat it

Tés, infusiones y plantas para la astenia primaveralThe spring is synonymous with Renaissance, joy, flowers and living nature. The days lengthen, the Sun is present in many of them, and little by little, we leave the winter cold to receive heat Sun we are delivering as days pass. And, however, to certain people, the change of station not them feel nothing well: is feel tired, do them tasks daily them is a torment and, as consequence, are depressed and irritable.

All of them are symptoms of the famous «spring asthenia», such as experts say, affects 10% of the population and many do not know they have it and which has easy solution. Is by this that, in this blog and always from the humility and through information of sources contrasted, explain what is exactly this disorder, their symptoms and how combat it of form natural, based good habits and the consumption of food and plants as the tea or the infusions. We started!

What is the spring asthenia?

Tiredness, exhaustion and decay, in general. These are the main symptoms of this disorder that, as we said, affects 10% of the population. The asthenia spring is caused, as explains Almudena wildfire, journalist specialized in themes of health, «a decrease of betaendorfinas in the plasma, substances that regulate the system wellness malaise, that to the alter is produce a feeling of decay and exhaustion».

Asthenia may be physical, which means, as its name indicates, in physical fatigue and it can also be psychological, i.e., that one feels exhausted mentally and is unable to carry out everyday tasks.

The symptoms are most common from people suffering from asthenia spring: fatigue, headache, general malaise, sadness, irritability, loss of appetite, sexual desire, some memory loss, muscle weakness and low blood pressure.

How to face the spring asthenia in a natural way?

Maybe that people suffering from schizoid personality disorder do not clearly see «the light at the end of the tunnel», but it is relatively easy to regain the mood and physical condition normal and naturally. To do this, from the Aromas of tea, we recommend you carry out the following guidelines:

  • Rest: all the time that you can and that is necessary. If you need more sleep or spend more quiet time on the couch, do so. In this way, you will recover forces and avoid defenses down. It should be noted that sleep should be restful. Therefore, it carries out hygienic in this regard guidelines, as for example, little exercise before sleeping, exciting beverages or be nervous.
  • Do relaxation exercises: as yoga or walking. Ultimately, do things that you relax and that overexertion, in a way that may not give you laziness do not pose you carry them out.
  • Power: healthy and balanced and in which include foods that give you energy as they can be, for example, nuts, bananas, vegetables, pasta or chocolate, among others.
  • Dietary supplements: that you should include in your diet, by way of support. Among others, Royal Jelly, pollen, or Brewer’s yeast, are which are usually recommended in all the centers of natural health and herbalists, not to mention trace elements, such as and iron or manganese, which will help us to combat fatigue.

Teas, herbal teas and plants against asthenia

In addition to carrying out the mentioned guidelines, as it could not be otherwise, also there are plants, types of teas and herbal teas that can help us recover our State of usual physical and mental mind.

As for plants, the easier to find two and have very positive effects, in addition to being highly recommended by all that, in general, contribute to our health, at any time of the year, are: the ginseng and Ginger.

Ginseng will help you increase your vitality, mental activity, as well as to improve your fitness. For his part, Ginger is very encouraging and will help you to recover your vitality, providing you a full welfare state.

In this sense, aromas of tea we have a wide selection of teas and herbal teas that contain these two plants included as ingredients. You will only have to click hereto enjoy our delicious green tea ginseng passion. Where to make teas or infusions containing ginger, you will have to click on this link. These include Black chai tea, which can infuse with water or milk and that will help you to be fit from first thing in the morning, both physical, and mental level; It infusion Carpe Diem that, besides be suitable for all the members of the family, is a real source of vitamins and minerals; or the te red flavors of East, that you will help to awaken your senses and whose aroma you drunk.

There is a third option, if not you liked or the ginseng or the ginger, of take other types of tea green, te black or tea red. All they, very indicated for improve our State physical and mental, by what is convenient take of two to three cups to the day, when we find to a case of asthenia spring. All these teas us provide it vitality that those days us lack, without result so exciting as the coffee or them drinks with caffeine and are much more healthy, in addition to take care of our heart, diet and health, in general.

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