Tea for carry: enjoy of the tea in pyramids with this new offer

This fall, tea aromas have prepared an offer that you can not resist: the Teas in pyramid at a price of scandal. Take it you like there where you go!


There are several factors that characterize our teas. One of them is the choice of the raw materials with which we prepare them. Raw materials of first quality and that we select carefully. Why? Because want to give the best to you, our customers, who are those who inspiráis us and help us grow.

The second factor is the preservation or exhibition thereof. I.e., the format in which we present them I. There are many people who have asked us why not expose tea in bulk in the markets and the answer is very simple: we do not want our product to lose none of the quality that has and so should avoid, to the extent possible, contact with dust or the weather. It is for this reason that we always sell them in packets of 50 and 100 grams (there is also another option of 45 and 75 grams). A few packages produced in two types of paper and a thin layer of aluminum foil to keep it all the aroma and properties of tea or infusion.

But in addition to these packages, we also offer our tea pyramids. why? For two main reasons: we want you to take your tea wherever you go , and that this does not occupy any space as well, because in these pyramids is the measure just the amount of tea you need to prepare a delicious Cup of tea, by what will not waste even one gram of your purchase.

Practice and easy to prepare
This is what we want for you: enjoy with every SIP your tea and infusion preferred Scents of tea; that can prepare it as simple and comfortable as possible, but wherever you want. In short, we offer you a tea to carry.

So, this fall, we have prepared an offer you can not refuse and that all your relatives will be wanting to copy: a box of 20 pyramids of tea or infusion at the incredible price of 4.80 euros.

Think of all the money you will save with this offer! A cup of tea at any bar or Café doesn’t cost less than 1, 20 euros and with this box you can take up to 20! And not only that: privilege of the tea that to you in truth you like and where you want. Can you request more into a tea to carry?

Yes, also it can carry prepared House or get hot water in the practical thermal vessels that you’ll find in our online store!

Do not think more and get your tea to carry!

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