15 December: international day of tea

Each 15 of December is commemorates the day international of the tea, an ephemeris that established them main countries producers of tea-Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka-of common agreement with agencies international for say them rights of them workers of the plantations of tea and them small producers, promote … Leer más

Aromas of special guest tea ceremony tea of the Japanese chef, Yui Ishizuka

Regent, along with his father, a traditional Japanese restaurant that boasts more than 270 years of life and why, throughout its history, has been since feudal lords up to current leaders and personalities from Japan. But in addition, Yui Ishizuka knows perfectly the discipline of the tea ceremony. Aromas of tea, have had the privilege to do one for us, know their steps and references, in addition to taste two of our varieties of tea. Your advice? «Quality, aroma and pleasant taste. I love them!»

Celebrate Valentine sharing tea

Whenever takes a SIP of your cup of tea preferred, not only you knows to glory, but experience feelings very pleasant and satisfactory that you carry to feel a real love by the tea. And that is precisely what all seek to give people that we want to: satisfaction, love, affection… Then, why not share a cup of tea with the people you most want?