Tea green Rainbow: dale joy and flavor to your day


No one will be surprised if we say that green tea and health are synonymous. And is that are so many them benefits that this variety of tea brings to the human being that, next to the tea black, is has become in one of them more consumed of the world, besides be the type of tea that is used in the famous ceremony of the tea.

But in addition to health, green tea is also synonymous with well-being, since when a person consumes a cup of this type of tea, you can check how your psychic and physical state improves quickly. Of course, not is is of abusing of this drink during the day, consume of 3 to 4 cups daily is enough, but when is taken, is must of enjoy of each one of those SIPs. In all they will discover a feeling new, a taste, a remember, an image… in final, can travel where you want, without need of move you of your site and get to the point that want: find you of best humor, focus you in the work, feel you more relaxed, forget you of the pain of stomach, etc.

There are so many benefits of green tea that together could not fit in this article, much less if the tea add you ingredients as healthy as the orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom or pink pepper, which are some of the products that has been produced the green tea rainbow of Aromas of tea, one of the Favorites of our customers.

Tea green Rainbow: your tea from each day

There are teas that, even though the years and fashions, like generation after generation. Teas that contain a variety of ingredients only, that you give a flavor and aromas unmistakable and really pleasant, what makes that like, generally, to all type of palates, from them more inexperienced in matter of tea, until the of them Sybarite. That is the case of the Rainbow green tea, can be eaten all year, so cold as hot.

Composed of pieces of Apple, slices of Orange, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, nail and pepper rose tea, like the rest of those that you’ll find at www.aromasdete.com, does not contain gluten. We like to take care of everybody and that we take much care throughout our process of development, using exclusively natural products and, to the extent possible, of organic farming.

Rainbow green tea is a blend of sweet and acid flavors, combined properly. In each of the SIP you take you will notice flavors of fruit, a small touch of acid produced by the pink pepper and a pleasant sweetness that not cloying and that provides cinnamon, who also gives this Green tea aroma.

Also is ideal for consume in couple, since its content in cinnamon you does form part of the list of products aphrodisiac. But beyond this anecdote, Rainbow green tea is, mainly, a source of health and well-being, thanks to which you will get:

  • Regular sugar, bad cholesterol and triglycerides levelsin blood, factors that are achieved thanks to the cinnamon.
  • Improving the State of your digestive tract: it will help ease the digestion, stops vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, thanks to the cinnamon and especially cardamom, you get whet the appetite when the nerves or anxiety affect you and you can forget about the flatulence and the stomach pains that they can cause.
  • Menstrual cramps: because cinnamon, the pains suffered by some women at the time of menstruation will disappear, without eating any kind of pill that can have side effects.
  • Helps fight colds, bronchitis and the flu: acting as a natural antibiotic.
  • Combat halitosis: since the cardamom acts as a natural antiseptic.
  • Keep the nerves at Bay: if you are nervous or there is something that worries you and suffer stress or anxiety, this tea will help you to calm down and focus on the tasks you have earrings, so it is ideal to have it in the office or for students at exam time
  • Reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases: especially of Columbus, in the case of cancers.
  • Great vitaminic contribution: that will help you improve your psychic and physical state.

Rainbow green tea: tea of the month

Yes, you read correctly. Rainbow green tea «Tea of the month» aromas of tea and, for this reason, you can buy 50%. A real bargain! Do not miss this opportunity and make already your order from Rainbow green tea here and enjoy its flavor and benefits throughout the year.

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