Reinfusionar tea

One of the advantages of the tea leaves is that reinfusionar can be, i.e. more cups of tea with the same leaves can be prepared. Depends on the variety of tea that we choose, will vary the number of times that we can reinfusionarlo. For example, the tea blue (oolong) is very known for its … Leer más

Cosmetic properties of green tea

Outside circles, stop hair fall, goodbye wrinkles! Green tea has become a perfect partner in beauty treatments and natural cosmetics sector has welcomed him with open arms by its countless benefits. Among them we can highlight its important antioxidant action ; it is increasingly a claim in cosmetic products anti-aging. Green tea also contains other … Leer más

The tea ceremony: much more than a ritual

The tea ceremony is much more than a cultural event. Depending on the country in which we find ourselves (China, Japan, Morocco and England), the purpose of this ceremony is different, just like the origin of its start. In this article I will explain the differences so that you also can celebrate your particular ceremony of the tea in house.