Cosmetic properties of green tea

Outside circles, stop hair fall, goodbye wrinkles! Green tea has become a perfect partner in beauty treatments and natural cosmetics sector has welcomed him with open arms by its countless benefits.

Among them we can highlight its important antioxidant action ; it is increasingly a claim in cosmetic products anti-aging. Green tea also contains other components also beneficial for our skin as their high levels in vitamin A, B2, C and E and minerals like calcium, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium or zinc.

Let’s look at all their properties in detail and see what you can do for your skin green tea applied in creams, lotions, masks, anti-cellulite, sunscreens, soaps, spray or gel:

Antioxidant: slows aging

Their high concentrations in polyphenols, especially of the catechins, type makes green tea a powerful antioxidant.   Polyphenols Act preventing the formation of radical free at the cellular level, i.e., they interrupt produced chain reaction and repaired the damage that can be caused. This property makes it a preventive substance of first order against the aging of the skin. Thus,

-slows the aging process

-improves elasticity of the skin

-helps conserve moisture and freshness of the skin

-strengthen the protective layer of the skin

-protects and relieves the effects of prolonged exposure to the Sun and

-reduces inflammation and is decongestant (very effective for people who suffer from eye bags)

Antigrasas: against cellulite

Its high content of caffeine stimulates active elimination of fats. For this reason used in creams and gels Anti-cellulitis as lipolytic agent.

Tea leaves extract is also used in shampoos as it helps to rebalance the excess fat from the scalp.

Astringent: against excess oiliness

Green tea is a powerful astringent and antibacterial agent widely used in cosmetic products, since removes excess oiliness of the skin helping to combat acne.

Anti-infective: against caries and calculus

Green tea is increasingly used in the production of natural toothpaste. Its anti-infecciosa action helps to counteract the bacteria that cause tooth decay and Tartar.

Green tea, candies, is also used against the gengivitis to control the buildup of plaque on teeth and reduce swelling of the gums. It also serves to reduce the halitosis.

Stimulant: against hair loss

Used as an ingredient in some hair products to combat hair loss by its action to reduce DHT (dihydro-testosterone), causing androgenetic alopecia.

It can also be a great helper in the growth of the hair, helping to maintain a healthy scalp.

Therefore, green tea – consumed the length and breadth of the planet – provides a multitude of benefits for our body: from a perfect anti-dark circles, to a detox drink, going through a hair loss product hair. An infusion of more useful for our body’s largest organ: the skin.

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