Cosmetic properties of green tea

Outside circles, stop hair fall, goodbye wrinkles! Green tea has become a perfect partner in beauty treatments and natural cosmetics sector has welcomed him with open arms by its countless benefits. Among them we can highlight its important antioxidant action ; it is increasingly a claim in cosmetic products anti-aging. Green tea also contains other … Leer más

Natural facial care beauty tricks

Teas and infusions, as well as improving our natural health, also have their positive effects in our outward appearance. Today we speak of teas and infusions made with plants and flowers that take care of face skin naturally, without side effects and with important improvements to the daily health

Operation healthy detox after Christmas

Newly finished Christmas, comes the time to return to the routine and good nutrition should be part of it. However, due to excesses which, to a greater or lesser extent we have committed during these days of hearty meals, sweets and alcohol, the famous operation detox is imposed and touches take care a little more than usual. Fortunately, teas, infusions and other healthy foods help us cope in a natural and enjoyable way. We have it!

Herbal teas and foods that help you relax

Sleep is as important as eating for good health. That is why it is important to have a quality sleep and rest the hours that our body needs at every moment, but it is not always easy. Help you of infusions as the Chamomile or others that elaborate in Aromas of tea and that contain food that help to relax is and, therefore, to rest and get reconcile a dream repairman

Teas and infusions diuretic

Take diuretics food will do that we can eliminate annoying fluid retention causing so many problems in our bodies. Today we speak of teas and herbal teas that can help us in this regard, as for example, horsetail, fennel or green tea, one of the most famous diuretics in the world of tea.