Tea and iron absorption: myths and reality

Far from what certain false rumours claim on tea, the truth is that no problem in taking it as what the iron absorption is concerned, if and when not it is done immediately before or after meals there is

Puedes tomar tu té sin miedo una hora antes y después de cada comida.
You can take your tea without fear an hour before and after each meal.

On more than one occasion we have wondered if it is true or not that the tea is bad if we have problems with the iron. And it is for this reason that today we write this little post, with which we hope to be able to respond to your questions.

It all begins when the national tea Association, in England, conducted a study in which it explained that tea inhibits partially the iron absorption, especially of which comes from plant foods. However, it’s an effect that only occurs if taken just before or after the meal, but not the rest of the day.

Then, when we can take it?
Just wait an hour after lunch, or make it an hour before we go to eat and this adverse effect will disappear and we can benefit from all the benefits that brings tea for our health, which are not few, as I have explained more than once. I.e. There are that do so once begins to make digestion.

And if I feel like much a tea?
Then, our recommendation is that you take an infusion (http://goo.gl/MYxcJy) or a rooibos (http://goo.gl/5uS4tk). In our shop on line have a wide range of this type of varieties and therefore go changing and trying out new flavors. In addition, you can also change the Green, red or black tea by a white tea (http://goo.gl/Bim9jA), which although it is much less known, have very good properties and is also suitable for people with cardiovascular problems.

Some experts also explained that if we take tea with lemon, the negative effect it also decreases.

We hope to have been able to answer your questions and, of course, look forward to your questions or suggestions if any.

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Until the next post!

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