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Know what spend a third of our life sleeping? Yes, you read correctly, and in addition, it is no accident. And is that for to enjoy of a State physical and psychological full, is necessary rest and sleep, i.e., have a dream repair in which each an of the phases of the dream meets with their functions.

Functions that are the following, according to the Institute of sleep medicine, «restoring physical and during REM sleep, that of cognitive function (learning, memory and concentration processes) is produced during deep sleep». So that famous phrase from the American rock band, Bon Jovi, » I’m going to live life while you are alive, I’ll sleep when I die», better not to apply it in the strict sense of the word, only in the figurative.

The importance of sleep, while there was no specific studies which showed it, been known for centuries. Indeed, Spanish proverbs make several references to the reconciliation of the dream to be in top form physical and psychological. One of the best known, which says ‘sleeping lesson, lesson learned’. And is that of rest or not by the night depends on that surrender best in them studies, in the work, in the relationships with the people and in our State of health and mood, mainly.

If we don’t sleep are more likely to suffer from diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The stress of everyday life, the possible problems that are happening, little exercise before bedtime or to work late, as well as staying glued to the television (while has to get up early the next day), among other things, influencing the quality of our sleep.

When this occurs tend to go to the doctor to the not find explanation and are many them people that seek a solution in them drugs chemical produced for this. And, however, the solution is, once again, on the natural and can be as simple as keep in mind what you eat before bedtime, take teas that help us to rest, as well as carry a proper «Sleep hygiene».

Sleep hygiene

It seems that a Word is not associated with another, but actually that they do so. And it is that when we refer to «Sleep hygiene» we are referring to the customs that we should take on the matter. Dr. Alex Ferré , in an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC, recommended the following guidelines:

  • Keep a few times, to lie down and get up
  • Use the bed only for sleep or sex. Forget about watching TV or reading in bed, because that slows down the dream and our body that place associated with other customs that require a mental activity which does not tally with the sleep.
  • Exercise regularly six hours before going to bed, never just before bedtime.
  • Decrease the light and noise in the room. If you are near the room, try that the television is switched off and if you sleep in a noisy area of the street, by the external noise, tries to put all the remedies possible to isolate it from them.
  • Keep the room at a temperature appropriate. Not much heat, nor much cold. Our body needs a balance in this respect. Any temperature that not is which to it you like to sleep, you will do wake you.
  • Don’t look at the clock while trying to sleep. That creates a State of anxiety and nervousness in the person and, therefore, delay the dream.
  • Herbs for sleep. That you can find, in infusion, teaaromas. They are the two richest: the Chamomile and infusion anti-stress, but have others, that we will later explain why are especially recommended for sleep.

Food, herbs and spices for sleep

As mentioned above, the power also marks our sleep rhythm. And it is that there are foods that we excite, and others that help to relax and, therefore, be able to rest as needed.

What food is concerned, include the following:

  • Bananas: rich in magnesium and, therefore, act as the best relaxing muscle natural.
  • Walnuts and almonds: being rich in tryptophan and magnesium.
  • Cherries and strawberries: in addition to being lightweight and digestive, contain, like walnuts and almonds, tryptophan.
  • Honey: that contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids omega-3, which help us to relax.

But not only food, but also herbs and spices:

  • Cinnamon: the essence of cinnamon or take cinnamon infusion helps to relax our minds and muscles.
  • Lavender: to help, both in essence and in infusion, to relax completely.
  • Valerian: Queens of herbalists to calm nerves or the stress of the day and, for both, being quieter and thus being able to sleep.
  • Chamomile: another of the stars of the relaxation and proven by generations for centuries.
  • Vervain: help to combat nervousness and reduces tachycardias, leading us to a complete state of relaxation.
  • Orange blossom: that has always been used to solve natural medicine sleep disorders. The flowers contain an oil with powerful sedative properties, that will help you to relax.

Food that is not recommended to take before going to sleep:

  • Coffee
  • Tea black, red or green (Yes you can take teas, rooibos, or white tea, which contains very little protein)
  • Chocolate
  • Other beverages with caffeine or stimulants such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, etc. substances

Aromas of tea helps you to sleep

Discarded, therefore the tea red, green and black to take some before you go to sleep, because they excite us (as happens with the coffee), we recommend, as we indicated above, take tea, rooibos , or white teas. The first two lack of caffeine and the last, although Yes it contains something, not so the amount so you alter your sleep.

If we combine these three types of beverages, foods, herbs and spices that help us to relax, the most recommended products from our store, as well as Chamomile and anti-stress infusion, as we mentioned at the beginning, would be as follows:

Sweet dreams!!!

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