Fennel, a great ally of our health

El hinojo, un gran aliado de nuestra salud

You know what, because their property to reduce appetite, the fennel was used by soldiers in times of battle and by the monks to endure fasting? References apart, the nature us provides a great quantity of plants that can use in favour of our health and an of them is the fennel, which I present below.

On more than one occasion we have said that you it’s one of those plants that should be in all kitchens for its multiple beneficial health properties. And is that the fennel has been used since ancient times to treat various ailments. Mainly used for digestive problems, but has other interesting properties, such as regulating the levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure, relieve cough, prevent the development of arthritis, depression, or anxiety, reduce inflammation of gums or fight bad breath.

There are many ways of consuming it, since all parts of the plant are edible, from your bulb to their leaves. Seems to be that it was the Romans who began to use it as food; with its seeds they aromatized the meat sauces and crude consumed fresh outbreaks.

Today it is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine and recipes that can be prepared there are dishes such as salads, in a grilled vegetables, boiled, or as a side dish with meat and fish.

Another very useful way to enjoy all the benefits of fennel is infused. Precisely is is of a plant very used in our infusions by its huge potential, that combined with other species and leaves, we provides a wide fan of possibilities aromatic, nutritious and medicinal.

Properties of fennel

  • Digestion: in the composition of the fennel is abundant an ethereal oil, anethole, which, although it is distributed throughout the plant, focuses largely on seeds. This substance is credited with adigestive and carminative action of fennel. As well, and thanks to its high fiber content, it is appropriate to improve the process of digestion and stomach health. It is indicated to treat acidity, State of indigestion, indigestion, inflammation of the stomach and the excess gas. Test the infusion of fennel and soon you will notice the improvement at the time of make the digestion.  You can also try with infusion Rooibos Digestiv, ideal to ease digestion, or Zen Green Rooibos, which also contains anise, beneficial for gastrointestinal health, calming the stomach pains caused by heavy meals or cramps, as well as intestinal cramps or excessive flatulence.
  • Antitussive: He fennel also is used to relieve them problems breathing, as it are the cough, the asthma and it bronchitis, since is an antispasmodic natural and makes that them bronchi is relax. If you have loaded chest, the antitussive and expectorant properties, fennel will cough to decrease and that your lungs you go opening little by little, so, if shots of 2 to 3 cups per day of this natural drink can greatly improve in a few days. Also, the Infusion secret of the time ecological to the contain in addition to fennel, peppermint, you will help to combat them processes catarrhal, pain of throat or mucus.
  • Calming: like the verbena, Linden or Chamomile, fennel is a plant with soothing effect. If you need to relax, the mixture of cinnamon, licorice, ginger, fennel, orange peel and cardamom of Anti-stress Infusion will help you to calm down and recover all those forces which your body loses to a stressful situation. In addition, the fennel also has a high content of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin C and B3, and phytochemicals which provide a strong dose of antioxidants; the mixture of all these minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, they strengthen the immune system and provide you with better health in general.
  • Antibacterial: thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is very effective to combat bad breath, gingivitis, bacteria and intestinal parasites and infections. Athena Infusion ecological, made from the Greek mountain tea, it will leave you an excellent taste, reducing halitosis.
  • Diuretic: if you have problems of water retention, you can take tea containing fennel to get rid of it, as the Organic Herbal spell Infusionwith diuretic properties.
  • Hypertension: fennel and its benefits on the cardiac system properties are abundant, helping to improve the pressure and reduce hypertension.
  • Inflammation: other recommendations which is made of fennel, is its use against inflammations of the eyes or of common problems such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis, because their properties are excellent for treating these disorders of eye. A remedy to relax your eyes and prevent the redness caused by conjunctivitis is to apply the fennel on closed eyes infusion bag, ten minutes approximately.

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