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Trucos de belleza

You know what there are certain diseases that are reflected in the appearance of our skin? Especially those related to hormones or some internal organs such as intestine, liver or kidneys. For this reason, always keep in mind our skin’s appearance is important. Facial care is no longer just a mere aesthetic matter, but health. And to improve health problems, nothing like take care of it naturally, daily.

At this point, and unless major problems indicated by the doctor, nothing like taking care of our health and carry out natural daily facial care based on plants and flowers that we can take in teas and natural teas, like those that can find or prepare with products of Aromas of tea , where, as you know, we have a good number of organic products thus increasing the quality and effectiveness of them.

Teas and infusions that you will help, as well said, not only in your care facial daily, but also to improve them functions of the body creating a perfect balance of the operation hormonal, in addition to provide us vitamins, minerals and antioxidant, nutrients, all them, essential for look a skin young and pretty.

Care basic of the skin


Before moving on to talk about the best teas and infusions for the facial care in a natural way, we believe that it is important to recall the three basic steps that all over the world, women and men, should be daily to get the best results and improve the appearance of the skin of the face. What are divided into the following phases:

  1. Clean: a cleaning in the morning and at night will allow to eliminate impurities from the face such as dirt, sweat, sebum and make-up. But not only that, cleaning up the face, are also preparing it to absorb, more effectively, the components of the products that we will use in the next two steps.
  2. Tone: so we can remove any cleaner that we have applied previously, as well as purify and refresh the skin. This second step of the care facial also helps to restore the ph of our skin. He is best done in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Hydrate: a hydrated skin is a skin that can breathe calmly, but will have to take into account which product use, based on the type of skin you have. Not is it itself a skin dry that a skin fat or skins mixed, that also require in other type of cosmetics. In this sense, we can not apply same day than night cream, although this step that must be done, just like the previous two, day and night, although it is true that there are cosmetics that can be applied in both moments, but those who are less.

And, of course, and although not part of the basic facial skin care ritual, must also take into account the sunscreen throughout the year and not only in summer, make Sun or not, since this, in one way or another, is always present and, therefore, we can not to harm our skin. For this reason, each time are more them creams moisturizing of use daily that include different levels of factor solar, although in summer or them days of more Sun should strengthen this protection with creams for such end, i.e., the cream or protective solar.

Teas and infusions for the care facial

As we have been saying at the beginning of this new post, has shown that there are certain teas and teas that are really effective when it comes to facial care. In addition to being natural products and, therefore, without side effects (in principle, except for allergies or rare causes), also take care of our inner health, leaving a pleasant aroma in our face and an unbeatable sense of well-being. And it should not be forgotten that the goal of a good tea or infusion is always the latter.

Returning to the Teas and infusions most recommended for facial care we have to mention, namely the following:

  • manzanilla_dolor_garganta Chamomile: since it is a large regenerative cell, in addition to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, without forgetting the digestive which, as we have stated before, if our body works well, is also reflected in our skin. In this sense, natural Dermatology experts recommend a cup of Chamomile 20 minutes after lunch and dinner.
    In addition, can also use Chamomile in pyramids to perform the first step of the basic ritual of facial care: cleansing your face every night. You only have to infusionarla like you always, let it cool and apply it on the face with a clean cotton. In this way your skin will rest and be hydrated.
  • tila Tila: an effect similar to the chamomile is which achieves the tila. In addition to helping us improve our gastrointestinal system and, therefore, take care of the external appearance of our skin, as far as facial care is concerned, if this type of infusion is taken on a regular basis (but no more than 2/3 cups a day) get that skin is more relaxed, clean, and serene.
  • comprar-te-rooibos-eco-online Organic Rooibos : this drink without caffeine coming from Africa, also contributes to improve the State of our skin, especially if it is taken regularly. As is the case with chamomile, can be taken in infusion (breakfast or after meals), but in addition, can also be applied over the face with a cotton swab moistened with rooibos infused that, previously, we left to cool. The rooibos is good for slow, the effects of Cellular Aging, thanks to its antioxidant power. On the other hand, this tea without caffeine is used to treat problems of the skin such as itching, dermatitis, urticaria or combat the appearance of simple herpes on the lips.
  • infusion-de-jengibre Ginger: which helps rejuvener skin and take care of the health of the liver which, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, can affect the external appearance of the skin of the face, so it is recommended to take, every day, an infusion of ginger in fasting, so that the effect is greater. So them results are still best, there are experts that also recommended, besides take the infusion, chewing during some seconds them pieces of root of ginger. They also explain that a few drops of lemon or honey, which also will reduce the strong ginger flavor, are good for facial care, since it improves intestinal transit and cares for the liver. If we combine the ginger, lemon and rooibos we have our delicious and aromatic rooibos ginger and organic Lemon, which will find it you useful for daily facial care. On the other hand, if like lowering the inflammation of the skin, for example, them dark circles or regenerate it and cure them scars that can have, you recommend perform an infusion of ginger and Chamomile and apply it on the face, a time warm, with a cotton clean. Repeat this for day and of night and you’ll see how improves the appearance of your face.
    • te-verde-sencha-ecologico Green tea:  both to rejuvenate the skin to reduce the appearance of tired face, thanks to its high content of antioxidants. In this respect and for facial care is recommended to take tea in the morning or middle late. Some experts recommend to add a few drops of lemon and pure honey to increase the effectiveness of it. Thanks to this latest product we also will debug the intestine and, therefore, it will also reverberate in the image that projects our skin. As you know, in scents of tea we have a wide range of green teas, but for this case, the most recommended would be the pure, organic Sencha green tea, Gyokura Asahi Japanese green tea or green tea China Gunpowder. In addition and in green teas, the combination with aloe vera, which heals and regenerates the skin also is a good choice when it comes to facial care. We do not forget our organic Ginger green tea, which you can use for the same purpose.
    • yunnan-pu-erhBlack tea and red tea: both are powerful antioxidants. The first, black tea, stands out, in addition, for his great contribution in minerals, in addition to the flavonoids that give the antioxidant effect to this tea, helping to regenerate skin cells. You can both take in infusion, as applied to mode of tonic/cleaner in the morning and in the evening, although you have to be careful with drier skins. As for the red tea, in addition to its antioxidant effect, it also serves for facial care since it improves hepatic metabolism if taken in infusion, as well as the secretion of gastric juices and, therefore, improves the external appearance of our skin.
      In this case, as with green tea, we recommend, comprar-te-negro-breakfast mainly, that for facial care take pure teas, such as the Yunnan Pu Erh, the Pu Erh 1st grade Eco red teas, black tea Breakfast echo or the Earl Grey in the case of black teas. Black tea Suprem or black tea Darjeeling Himalaya are also an excellent choice.
    • comprar-te-blanco-pai-mu-tanTea white: considered the tea of it beauty, contains the triple of polyphenols that the tea green, being an antioxidant much more effective that the tea green, while not is used both in the elaboration of products destined to the cosmetic or aesthetic. Thanks to this tea can delay the aging of the skin, especially the premature that is produces, in many occasions, by an exhibition inadequate to the Sun, in addition to increase your defenses. Used pure white teas, as the Pai Mu Tan white tea 1st Grade of organic production.

    These are just some of the ideas that we can deliver to your daily facial care, but, in reality, with the combination of teas and infusions are mentioned, together with other plants, herbs and oils such as lavender, Rosemary or eucalyptus, among other natural products, can be natural creams for treating problems such as acne, scars or spots on the skin. But already we leave that for another post. Happy day!

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