Operation healthy detox after Christmas


Christmas is one of those periods where, as much as you try to take care of yourself, it is inevitable to fatten a few grams or kilos. We eat more of what we must, sleep less and, in addition, consume more alcohol and sweets than during the rest of the year. For this reason, it is important, after this period, return to normal in all the senses, also in the food, but in this area we will have to make a small effort and try to care a little more of what we do it regularly, to restore our normal weight.

However, not worth the follies, miraculous, diets or marked unreachable goals: the important thing is to take it easy, but the evidence of carrying it out. Well, the famous operation detox is imposed after these days.

Them experts recommend take much water, do exercise of form moderate and consume products healthy and free of fat saturas, all this combined with a power balanced, with 5 meals daily and guidelines so basic as the of breakfast well and dinner little, besides leave a time of rest since dinner until us lay down. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon, a healthy snack will help us to not bite between meals.

Of course, among all these recommendations, the to include tea and healthy teas, are also prepared herbal and which are the most natural possible, as our handcrafted products. It is precisely in those teas and infusions ideal for operation detox in what today we want to focus our article. We started!

What is detox operation?

The word ‘ detox’ is the abbreviation, in English, of detoxify it. This does not mean that we have poisoned, nor much less, but if our body has consumed some amount of little beneficial for their proper development products. For this reason, the basis of all detox operation focuses on remove all those agents who pollute our body from our diet. A diet, it’s the operation detox, that rich in vegetables, food raw and zero sugars or avoid them in the measurement of it possible. Of course, foods rich in fiber like fruits (which are also rich in minerals and vitamin C), vegetables or whole grains, should also be part of this diet. Include potassium that can be found in vegetables (such as Artichoke and broccoli) or vegetables or reduce salt consumption, are also part of the detox.

The same is usually combine with disciplines as the yoga or the tai-chi and, course, also includes the takes of teas and infusions that, besides delicious and provide us moments of welfare, also us help to lose weight.

Teas and infusions for the operation detox

We will first begin by teas. In this case, the experts recommend for the famous operation detox, two types of tea:

  • Green tea: since it is a purifying natural that, through urine, helps eliminate toxins and fats. Two or three cups a day of this delicious drink will help us to achieve our goals. For breakfast, mid-morning or media late is an excellent companion.
  • White tea: being one of the more processed teas, contains many more nutrients than the rest, as well as having less caffeine, so you can take, practically, any time of the day. In addition, their level of catechins and polyphenols helps reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood, something that also comes great after these days of excess.

Of course, the combination of both teas, also is a good choice. By that, in Aromas of tea have with a varied selection of this perfect mix, where you can find teas natural and other ecological. You only have to click here and check them.

  • Rooibos: slimming properties are well known, but is, in addition, this natural drink that is made with the African tea tree plant, ideal for operation detox, because that brings a large number of vitamins and minerals, as well as help improve digestive and cell metabolism. In the same way, it will help eliminate fluid retention, rebalances your state of anxiety, it also allows you to relax and sleep better at night. Not containing theine, you can take it at any time of the day.

Red tea, oolong tea or yerba mate, also fall within the list of teas fat burning, which also provide antioxidants our bodies, so that will help us to take care of us during our operation detox.

But besides these teas, we also have at our disposal natural plants and other spices which help us to prepare infusions that can be consumed at any time of the day and bringing us all those nutrients and minerals that our body needs for proper operation. Herbal teas that can be included in your detox operation and have the following ingredients:

  • Fennel: this powerful natural diuretic, which helps to eliminate liquids. It also helps to reduce the swollen belly and helps improve digestion. In addition, people who suffer from colic, can reduce them by taking fennel. In our shop on line you will find a pleasant and refreshing infusion of fennel, but also other teas that contain it as the Eco Zen Rooibos, rooibos digestiv or the infusion organic freedom, whose spicy touch will not leave you indifferent.
  • Ginger: is one of those teas that you always should closely since it brings numerous benefits as the natural quemagrasas, since it facilitates the lipolysis and speeds up the metabolism. This detoxifying natural also helps to decrease cholesterol levels in blood. You can take advantage of this and other benefits taking our infusion of ginger or taking other drugs that also contain it, such as infusion Carpe Diem, which also contains vitamins and minerals, Buenas Noches infusion or Green chai tea.
  • Ponytail: it is one of the most fashionable when it comes to slimming drinks and how it could be otherwise, also included in the detox operation. In addition to diuretic properties, it also promotes digestion, so it will come in great to retrieve your bowel after excesses. You can get this tea in our store, by clicking here.
  • Elder: this plant has properties depurative and sweat, so it is ideal for our detox operation. Therefore you can also find it in some of our herbal teas and teas as: rooibos enchanted forest, the Children Fruit infusion or Pai Mu Tan Spring white tea

We hope that you have been helpful and that your detox operation is as pleasant as possible. Until the coming week!

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