Operation healthy detox after Christmas

Newly finished Christmas, comes the time to return to the routine and good nutrition should be part of it. However, due to excesses which, to a greater or lesser extent we have committed during these days of hearty meals, sweets and alcohol, the famous operation detox is imposed and touches take care a little more than usual. Fortunately, teas, infusions and other healthy foods help us cope in a natural and enjoyable way. We have it!

Tea and infusions: the best ally to lose weight after Christmas

The benefits of tea and infusions are known all over the world. Natural products, no side effects and that can be taken at any time of the day and all over the world. But ojo! Not to everyone they feel you well all teas and not everyone has the same effects. Then we are going to explain what type of teas are best suited for the famous operation detox after the excesses of Christmas.

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