Tea and infusions, great allies for the health and well-being of women


Not us have returned crazy: the tea and them infusions are good for all the world and, practically, for all them ages (while is true that for them children is recommended infusions), but on the occasion of the celebration, the next 8 of March, of the day international of the woman worker, from Aromas of tea wanted to pay them a tribute special, by an article dedicated , exclusively, to women, among which, of course, include them as part of Aromas of tea.

That is why we wanted to focus this new blog entry in the benefits that has for women taking daily, teas and herbal teas natural and top quality, such as the www.aromasdete.com, that have been elaborated after a long process of study of the properties of the ingredients used in them.

Thanks to tea and infusions, women may enjoy better physical and mental health, show a more beautiful face or forgetting, among other problems, the pains that may cause menstruation, constipation or nausea that have some women during the first months of pregnancy.

We then turn to explain the benefits of each of the different types of tea. Happy reading!

Benefits of the tea green for the woman


Known for its slimming properties, green tea is a real source of health and the best thing is that every time new properties, are discovered especially if we speak of certain types of cancer treatments, which is, without doubt, a more than good news.

But we are going to focus on the most common properties and the benefits it can bring us green tea in our day to day:

  • For weight loss: since the tea Green is a powerful antioxidant and diuretic
  • To control diabetes: post that regulates glucose levels
  • Cholesterol: reduce bad cholesterol
  • Antiviral and antibacterial: natural and without side effects.
  • Skin care: take it in tea or make a cream with it help to reduce the signs of tiredness and pass the time, as well as to protect the skin against the Sun, especially when we have had some burn.
  • Health oral: protects naturally to our teeth from caries.

Benefits of red tea for women

beneficios del té rojo

Red tea is the most typical of all and especially employee to cut diarrhea or gastrointeritis. But far from being this its only property, also the following associated with it:

  • To quench your thirst: especially if it is consumed cold, but if you prefer, you can also take it hot.
  • To calm the nerves: persons suffering from stress or anxiety produced by a specific circumstance may calm down and focus on your daily tasks, thanks to a good cup of red tea.
  • To lose weight: is one of the most used in traditional diets along with black and green tea. You must always be accompanied by a healthy diet and some exercise daily.
  • Soothe the body: when you have heartburn, digestion or we are passing through a gastrointeritis or diarrhea, red tea will help us regain our intestinal balance.
  • Protects against colds and infections: acting as an analgesic natural and without effects side.
  • Delays the aging of the skin: caring for it and protecting it of them weather external and of those bad habits that can have.
  • Calm the pains of head: of form natural.
  • Protects your heart: and your cardiovascular health, in general.
  • Stronger bones: for its calcium content. This makes women of menopausal age to suffer less so and that red tea is the best substitute of milk in the morning, at breakfast, or snack, for those people who do not tolerate milk or who do not like.

Benefits of black tea for women

beneficios del té negro

In England, the Temple of quintessential European tea, black tea is one of the most widely consumed. Not in vain, they know very well the benefits and properties having this product imported from one of their most famous colonies, India, for the health of persons and, in particular, of women. Some of them, include the following:

  • Increases the concentration: and other mental functions. Ideal for students during exams, for people with large loads and work or whose tasks require great concentration and creativity.
  • Digestive: not only in heavy meals, but also to relieve gastric pain or problems such as diarrhea.
  • Strengthens teeth: and prevents cavities, for its high content of fluorine.
  • Bad cholesterol: reduces it and controls their levels in blood.
  • Expands the Airways: by what is good for people that they suffer from asthma or that due to a strong process of catarrhal, cost them breathing.

Benefits of white tea for women

Beneficios del té blanco para la mujer

Fortunately, each time is used more this tea, but is certain that not is the more popular in Europe, since has been one of them last in arrive from the Mainland Asian, the greater producer of tea white of the world. And we say «Fortunately» because, like the rest of the Teas we have mentioned so far, this also has numerous properties that improve our health, but is, in addition, it contains very little protein, and can therefore be taken at any time of the day. White tea is good for:

  • Antioxidant and anti age: is the most antioxidant tea of all those who are known and cares, as none, the State of our skin, inside and out. Even when this has any wound, white tea helps to heal before others.
  • Arthritis: being an anti inflammatory nature, green tea helps to reduce the pain that this pathology can cause in people suffer from it, improving the State of their bones and their movements.
  • It also protects your cardiovascular health

Benefits of oolong tea for women


Some years ago, the Blue tea or oolong tea was a boom for those people wanting to lose weight. And it is true: has that property, but also others, which stand out above this, such as:

  • Prevents certain types of cancer: especially those having to do with the heart, skin or digestive system.
  • Protects the health oral: by its high content in fluorine
  • Cares for the State of our skin: to improve it greatly. In fact, the TV and film stars take it by this fact.
  • Bad cholesterol: helps to reduce it and control it.
  • Hangovers: if you’ve been the night before, a cup of oolong tea will allow you to be a person and feel like new inside and out.

Benefits of yellow tea for women

té amarillo

Yellow tea that we can say that it is a great unknown, but we have wanted to add it to our online store, where you can taste a variety of pure and without any other flavour that conceals the of this special tea and dentists love, by their high level of fluoride, acting as a true protector of the oral health of those who consume it.

This tea the following characteristics associated with it:

  • Fluid retention: being very diuretic, helps you to decrease the retention.
  • Improves your system digestive: making your meals much more digestive and without having that pass by heartburn from stomach u others discomfort uncomfortable.
  • Facilitates the loss of weight: caring for your figure and State psychic.
  • Vision: assure them experts that helps to protect the health of your eyes
  • Concentration: is one of those effects that have this tea.

Specific to women some teas and infusions

All them teas and infusions that going to find in www.aromasdete.com you will help to feel you best, but if you are woman and taking in has them problems that, usually, is associated to this gender, them teas that you recommend of our shop on line, are: rooibos esbeltes, infusion vitality female and the tea green Rainbow that, also, this month of March, is of promotion by be the tea of the month.

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