And why not a green tea rice? Dare to try something new

Genmaicha or what is the same, the brown rice tea, is a variant of the traditional Japanese green tea and whose elaboration, very simple, we want to share today with you in our blog


Those who are taking time following us, you know well how much that we like to try new varieties of tea to, subsequently, and after a long process of study, testing and development, offer it with the highest possible quality. But, in addition to new varieties, we also love to try new flavors and recipes that are made with tea. He another day discovered the tea geinmaicha or, what is the same, the tea of rice.

So, in keeping with our mentality, we started to try and… the result was incredible! Not is is only of a recipe very simple of do, but, also, the flavor is really good, by not speak of all them properties that has this type of tea, since besides keep all those that is associated to the tea green, i.e., burns fat, diuretic, anti-cancer, source of vitamins or calcium, among others properties, also brings them of the rice that in this case, acts as a Brown rice and, therefore, is ideal to hone our body in the most natural, healthy and simple way possible.

Do you decide to try it? Here you are, step by step and in a simple way, how to make a tea geinmaicha.

1 toasted rice to simmer


Chooses the amount of rice that, later, you are going to use. In other words, based on the number of people that you are going to try this recipe. Anyway, once roasted, rice kept very well in a mini-can as which you can find in our shop on line, so there is no problem to toast more amount of rice that you are going to use and, thus, for the next time, you have it ready. We are confident that you will both like the taste that you’re going to repeat.


A tip! Removes frequently the rice so that no are you burn.

Once roasted, allowed to cool and we move to the next step: the infusion.

2 infusion of green tea and rice


First, you have to put water to boil at 100 degrees. When it starts boiling process, infuse the rice in the same Cup. The proper amount is a measure for each Cup. But if we don’t yet know what the concrete step, a teaspoon is enough.


Later we will have to wait for water levels to fall to 75, so we will use a thermometer which you can find in Aromas of tea. Anyway, if we don’t have thermometer, in principle, simply wait 2 or 3 minutes.


Once we have the correct temperature, add tea Organic Green tea scents. In those moments we don’t have this type of tea in particular, but we have another pure green tea as the kukicha, China Gunpowder Green tea or matcha tea, you can also use them.

3. let stand and test

Once we have added green tea, let stand for two to three minutes, i.e., the advisable time to benefit from all the properties of tea and that is not noticeable bitterness none. You know that the more time infusionéis to higher temperatures, more amargará.


Finally, just remove the Infuser and… . Enjoy!


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