Tea and infusions: the best ally to lose weight after Christmas

The benefits of tea and infusions are known all over the world. Natural products, no side effects and that can be taken at any time of the day and all over the world. But ojo! Not to everyone they feel you well all teas and not everyone has the same effects. Then we are going to explain what type of teas are best suited for the famous operation detox after the excesses of Christmas.


Just of finish them Christmas and, by much that have tried care us, is impossible resist is to them delicacies that these days have in our tables, more still taking in has that is is of a time where the meetings social and family is multiplied by three and is consume products, especially sweet, that not is prove the rest of the year, as them doughnuts of Kings or them nougat.

So now it’s back to the routine and rid us of those two or three kilos that Spaniards on average during these dates, fattened as indicated by studies carried out in this respect in recent years. Eating healthy and balanced, without excesses and some exercise is the key to maintaining our weight, but also our health and if that healthy diet added to teas and infusions in different points of the day, the result will be excellent and enjoy, not only the benefits that they bring to our health, but moments since since the infusion we consume it is quality its flavor we transport you to worlds and unrepeatable moments.

Aromas of tea we specialize in the preparation of teas and natural teas and quality. By that you invite to follow reading this article in which you are going to explain what teas are them more indicated for slimming, as well as other properties that is them associated, but also what type of ingredients as fruits or spices are which best accompany to these teas taking in has the objective that pursue right now: the famous operation ‘ detox’. You join the challenge with us? We started!

Teas and herbal teas for weight loss

All teas and infusions are diuretics, but not all have the same degree. Here are what are most recommended as nutrition experts:

  1. Green tea. Its many healthy properties have turned it into the type of tea consumed more of the world and the most recommended for diets, to unseat red tea, the burning fats natural par excellence. As this, reduces the fat that is accumulated in the liver and makes that burn the fat of form more fast. In addition, it is very digestive and feel very well at any time of the day. However, is not recommended to take it immediately before and after meals. It is better to leave one hour’s interval.
  2. Red tea (pu erh). It burns fat by excellence, as mentioned before. Its effect is to be effective, take 3 to four cups a day, one with each meal and one morning or middle. evening. For breakfast, there are red teas that can infuse perfectly with milk, as it is the case of the red tea Pu erh Cherry aromas of tea, which, after taking it, leave you a feeling of satiety and taste nice on the enjoyable palate.
  3. Blue tea. Gradually it is introduced on the market and experts with extensive knowledge in nutrition include in diets for their patients because they know its great cleanser power. In fact, it is that better debugging our liver and, therefore, not allow the bad FAT to accumulate in itself, helping to lose weight. Like very much because it has a very mild flavor and low protein, by what can be consumed at any time of the day. Don’t miss our latest addition: – lime oolong tea ! Fresh and very healthy.
  4. White tea. With this type of tea so does that Blue: known little, but is a true source of health, contains little protein and is very soft. In addition to helping you lose weight, also it will take care of your skin and your bones. Healthy inside and out. You can ask for more?
  5. Rooibos. Because not everyone can drink tea, infusions can also help you lose weight and the rooibos are the most suitable variety for this since, in addition, diuretic is a great source of minerals and antioxidant. The rooibos par excellence for slimming tea aroma is Rooibos Esbeltés nunestro which, moreover, knows great. Around the world, even infants can consume it when they suffer from colic. In addition, during the month of January, most of them are on promotion. Visit our salesection!

Fruits and teas that help to lose weight

Not only the tea in its purest essence help us to lose weight, but also succeed or increase its effect certain types of fruit and spices. Ingredients included in many teas you’ll find Aromas of tea, because we always ensure your health and well-being. The list is very long, but it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Red fruits: such as blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, that are high in fiber and encourage the assimilation of the fat. It is recommended to take them mid-morning or average late. Never after eating, unless it is because they are included in a tea or infusion, as it can be the case of our Pu Erh red tea fruits of the forest, black tea berries or rooibos enchanted forest, now for sale.
  • Lemon or lime: as well as provide vitamin C and leave a fresh and pleasant taste in our mouth, this fruit is also a natural fat burning. For those who do not support its acidity, Aromas of tea have several teas that will love them and will only want to repeat, as it is the case, for example, green tea and white lemon sorbet, rooibos Caribbean eco or cold rooibos which, in addition, now that we are in winter and, therefore, during the colds, you will protect those unwanted virus.
  • Cinnamon: thanks to substances that possess, cinnamon account with properties diuretic, as well as helping to improve our digestion and finish with the flatulence. There are experts who say that it calms the anxiety in some people, in addition to satisfy them at some times of the day. Therefore, following teas can be a good ally to mid-morning or media, for a snack: red tea pu erh cinnamon, Black Turkish tea or infusion anti-stress, to finish the day on the right foot.
  • Ginger: is the product of fashion lately, since increasingly are discovering more properties of this spice that helps speed up metabolism and burn the bad body fat, helping to lose weight. Aromas of tea have several teas with this spice, such as: the infusion carpe diem, which can be used by everyone and love to children, Buenas Noches infusion or pakistani, black tea ideal to start the day.
    Your ‘detox’ operation with teas and infusions of Aromas of tea!

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