Teas and herbal teas to take care of your hair

Tés e infusiones para cuidar tu cabello

You are female or male, hair care always concerns us, especially at certain times or when we arrived at a certain age.  And is that you there are moments in life in which hair weakens, is more oily or dry than usual and falls for no apparent reason. Experts recommend you to carry out certain guidelines to enjoy a healthy and beautiful hair between them which, of course, no shortage of proper hygiene of the scalp, which you will need to use a shampoo according to the characteristics of your hair.

In addition to these industrial products from Aromas of tea, which we are committed at all times to the use and consumption of natural products, today we want to talk about those teas and infusions, which, in one way or another, to help you take care of your hair, without side effects and, of course, completely naturally.

Basic tips for caring for your hair

Before pass to speak of those teas and infusions, we would like to offer some tips Basic for look a hair healthy and nice to daily:

  • Brushed daily: particularly in the case of the girls. Experts recommend to brush it three times a day, especially before bedtime, since that allows to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and hair to grow faster.
  • Use of the air conditioner: and unlike what you have taught us, use this first and let the second wash shampoo. And it is that according to experts, this change would allow the hair to be more hydrated and that the hair cuticles, closed so this looks more bright and soft.
  • Was heat: hair care experts recommend, on the one hand, to not clarify hair with hot water, since damaged hair, but that we do so with water cold or warm, so we stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, thus achieving more shine to the hair and to grow faster. They also advise against improper or excessive use of irons and hairdryers. Indeed, ensure that an of them best therapies for the recovery of the quality of the hair is leave it dry to outdoor (at least whenever is can) and only remove the humidity with the towel or the dryer. That Yes, do not go to bed never with wet hair!.
  • Not washing hair every day: although not they agree on the frequency with which should be washed it, the truth is that it is not recommended to do so every day, since if you have dry hair this is diverted even more and if you have oily hair, it becomes dependent on the daily wash to make it look nice.
  • Cut the tips every certain time: so that the hair is can oxygenate. And speaking of oxygenation, also recommended the abuse of chemical dyes, since these may damage or weaken the hair.
  • Healthy and balanced diet: a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for the proper growth of hair and nails. By that, this also is important if want to enjoy of a hair healthy and beautiful.

Teas and infusions for the care of the hair

As we have already said at the beginning of this article there are teas and teas that help us care for naturally our hair, especially at this time of the year in which the cold and wind accompany us almost every day, but also serve to implement the rest of the year. Teas and herbal teas such as the following:

  • Green tea: are well known antioxidant properties of green tea. And it is not that we say it, is that there are numerous studies that demonstrated as well. So, today it is not uncommon to see products for the hair care that include green tea and makes use of it to improve the condition of the scalp. For this reason, the hair care experts recommend pouring a cup of green tea warm when rinsing, especially for oily hair. Repeat this step whenever you are going to wash your hair and you’ll notice how improves the health of it.
  • Chamomile: usually use Chamomile to rinsing of the hair has been associated and, indeed, this is one of the most common uses of this infusion when it comes to caring for the hair naturally. To get it you must do the following ready: 2 tablespoons of Chamomile, 3 of SOAP for hair and half a cup of water. Subsequently there boil three products together, strain it into a glass bottle, and let cool. The solution will be applied during the rinsing of the hair. In this sense, we should add a short note: is better to perform this action during the summer or near the same, as in winter.

But, as we said, the use of Chamomile is recommended not only to clarify the hair, but also serves to give lightness, scent and shine to the hair. To achieve this, the process would be the same as the previous one. That Yes, there are different versions in this regard: some experts advise using neutral SOAP, as we mentioned before, and others, on the contrary, only use water and Chamomile. You can try to see which of the two is best going to your hair.

On the other hand, Chamomile, combined with turmeric, helps you to hide gray hair in naturally in the event that your hair is blonde. To do this you will have to perform a preparation of 4 tablespoons of Chamomile for each half litre of water and repeat the operation with turmeric. If you apply it whenever you wash your head, Chamomile brings you highlights hair gold and turmeric, for its part, will give you a key type to honey, her resembling a very natural blond tone.

  • Black tea, red tea and rooibos: to dye hair naturally. As in the tea has been used as a home remedy for dyeing clothes, it has the same effect on hair. So If you have the hair black or red, black tea and red for the first case tea and rooibos for second can help you get this natural for your hair dye. So it is recommended to use tea in bulk, and you will find it in our store. You only have to prepare an infusion of well concentrated in one of these teas and standing. Some experts recommend add a tablespoon of vinegar of Apple by each cup of tea that prepare, so that the same condition and intensify the color. Subsequently, we will apply it on the hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then brightens and note how your hair is dyed in your natural color.
  • Ponytail: it will help to reduce hair fall naturally. The same is can use of three ways, to get the greatest effect possible. You can use only an of them or combine them three:
    1. Take an infusion daily of tail of horse we will help to stimulate the growth of the hair, thanks to them nutrients that has, being an of them sources natural more rich in Silicon organic, what allows give elasticity, firmness and resistance to the hair, in addition to improve the circulation, decreasing it fall of the hair.
    2. Use it with the shampoo: for it must make a prepared based SOAP neutral for the hair and add him half cup of water boiling and three tablespoons of tail of horse. A time will cool the formula, it will apply on the hair and leave act.
    3. Use it as tonic: a time we have washed the hair as it do of form usual, after the shampoo can use the tail of horse to mode of tonic. Only have that apply the infusion of the same on the hair, leave Act and clarify.

These are just some tips to care for your hair naturally with teas and infusions.

And you, do you know any more? would love to know your tricks!

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