Teas and infusions against the pain of throat

The pain of throat, to difference of others problems of health, not has date in the calendar, while is certain that the winter is an of the times in which more is plays by causes bacterial or viral and, in summer, due to them aires conditioners. To act against sore throat, nature puts at our disposal plants medicinal taken in tea or infusion to help us eliminate or reduce the sore throat.

Medicinal plants for combat stress and anxiety

Around the world, in greater or lesser measure passes through moments of stress or anxiety throughout his life. For those cases, from Aromas of tea we recommend to use the medicinal plants that nature puts at our fingertips. Tila, Chamomile, lemon balm, Valerian or orange blossom are some of them, but the list is very large and all of them can be consumed in teas and infusions that will give us moments of peace and calm.