Your teeth and gums more healthy, with teas and infusions

Experts in dentistry and studies show that drinking green tea, black tea and other infusions containing Sage and Marigold, considerably improve the State of our oral health. Not only strengthens the teeth, but also protects the gums. Ah! and it is not a product that stain the teeth, as they claim some false myths


We say it on many occasions and will repeat it over and over again: consuming tea is a clear synonym for health. Of course and as whole, they should not be committing excesses with him and, although few people which is discouraged, keep in mind what kind of ingredients and herbs accepts our body and what not, is very important to enjoy total peace of mind from this natural drink, with so many healthy properties. In any case, infusions are always a good substitute and, these, have no side effects or contraindications of any.

So extensive list of benefits of tea for the health of the human being, that we could write every day of the year is an article and days would miss us to cover them all. Increasingly also increased the number of new properties that are known through studies of health experts. One of them is that one of the benefits of tea for our teeth and gums and that we want to talk about.

Tea green, tea black and tea white for your teeth and gums

The publication General Dentistry, one of the most recognized in the world of dentistry and oversees the Academy of General Dentistry explained that, among all the existing drinks, the better to care for our oral health was tea, mainly black and green teas but also whites because they contain a significant amount of fluoride.

The study added that consuming tea not only is good to strengthen teeth, but also to care for our gums and protect the mouth, generally speaking, diseases that are common to this part of our body, like for example the bleeding of gums or caries.

It should also be noted that in the publication leans back the theory that tea yellow or stained teeth and has no erosive effects as mentioned on more than one occasion. On the contrary, tea consumption has resulted in a lower loss of enamel, compared to other soft drinks or fruit juices.

  • Black tea: is the one that most orthodontic experts recommend to take care of your health. When the black tea comes in contact with the mouth combat enzymes and with them also helps to reduce the appearance of decay, germs and plates. Some experts also recommend do mouthwashes with black tea, but not very often, once a week, for example, and end up with a water rinse or clean your teeth with toothpaste.
  • Green tea: is another tea that all experts recommend, since this tea called catechins, which protects the gums and teeth, strengthening them and giving them vitamins they need.
  • Tea white: although is of which less is speaks for the care of them teeth, it certain is that is as good as the others two, with the added of that also, contains fluorine, an element that contain them pasta of teeth, but of form artificial and that thanks to the tea green can consume of form natural.
  • Yellow tea: that it is rich in fluoride and calcium, complements our teeth and gums need to grow healthy and strong and protect themselves from diseases and bacteria.

Out of these three types of tea which are ideal for taking care of your oral health, experts also recommend taking infusions containing salvia or calendula and aromas of tea have some of them, not only will help you care for your oral health, but that you’ll also enjoy moments more than pleasant. Such is the case of infusion Dulces sueños, cold rooibos, rooibos Caribbean eco and infusion rooibos digestiv.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is an aspect that orthodontics experts recommend and not consume teas and teas with sugar, it is because it is this which directly attacks health oral and the cause of tooth decay and other diseases. For this same reason, nor recommend the intake of drinks of bottled iced tea in bottles, since they also tend to contain sugar and rich in citrus fruits, which are those that stain the teeth. Of course, what say’s that the wash of them teeth after every food is essential.

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