Teas and infusions against the pain of throat

Tés e infusiones contra el dolor de garganta

Throat dry, pain to the swallow, drink or eat, voice hoarse, etc are only some of them symptoms more common of the pain of throat, a pathology typical of the winter mainly, but that is can give in any time of the year because, generally, to the result of an infection viral or bacterial and that as response immune to this produces an inflammation that comes accompanied by redness of the throat Inflammation or increase in temperature of the same.

The causes? Usually are caused by viruses that we swallow to breathe. Why is winter the time in which more sore throats or the same irritations occur, since it is also the time par excellence of flus and colds. The bacteria can also cause sore throat, mainly known as the ‘strep’ and that translates into irritation and inflammation of the throat.

To solve the sore throat, first thing we need to do is go to our family doctor, then he will be who can better assess the degree of infection or irritation in this part of our body. However, from home, we can also reduce the sore throat and even get with it, thanks to simple home remedies such as take an tea or infusion based on certain herbs, spices or fruits that today we will talk about.

Care natural to the pain of throat

As we have already said, also go to our family doctor to make us an assessment of the real situation of our throat, to combat sore throat naturally and without side effects, natural medicine experts recommend taking the following plants, fruits or spices in the form of tea or infusion.

  • Ginger: on more than one occasion speak of ginger as a natural remedy to combat different symptoms related to our daily health. In this case, we will also help with sore throat. And it is that Ginger is an natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Takes 2 to 3 cups daily of our infusion of ginger and add a small teaspoon of honey. The result will be palpable in a short time, as well as leave a nice taste in the mouth! Another option that we propose is green tea organic Ginger, since in addition to the mentioned ginger, it also contains calendula, which, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, help to ease the pain of throat, without forgetting the orange peel that will provide us vitamin C and, therefore, increase our defences, helping us recover more soon.
  • Licorice: like ginger, licorice also has the characteristic of being an natural anti-inflammatory, so it is ideal to reduce the sore throat. In addition, also helps to increase our defenses, by what the recovery will be more natural and quick that with pills that can have effects side. It is recommended to take 2-3 cups a day. If you want to vary the flavor, but not product, we give you different options which you will find on our website: infusion of liquorice, the most effective of all, no doubt, Green licorice tea or black tea licoriceversion, as well as the pleasant, refreshing and digestive infusions of Mint, licorice and anise or Mint and licorice. Both, also, provide anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as anise in the case of the first and antibacterial, such as Mint, in the case of both.
  • Mint: as mentioned, mint has antibacterial properties, so if your sore throat has origin in a bacterial infection, the Mint not only help soften the throat, but will also leave you a nice taste in the mouth and combat bad breath which, on many occasions, is one of the consequences of sore throat. In this case, in addition to the two latest infusions mentioned in the paragraph of licorice, also we recommend our Moorish green tea, chai green tea, which also contains nail, which will help ease the sore throat or Pennyroyal Mintinfusion.
  • Chamomile: with Properties antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, the chamomile you will help to reduce the swelling of throat and to soften the. Experts in natural remedies recommend gargling with them. Aromas of tea we have an excellent natural infusion of Chamomile . Also recommend infusion eco zen rooibos, which besides containing Chamomile, also has anise and fennel, which will help soften the pain.

Some herbal teas home

As well as teas and teas that we have mentioned, you can also perform the following home remedies at home:

  1. Recipe 1: infuse a tablespoon of ginger infusion, with a slice of lemon peel and a little cinnamon. The temperature of the water must be to some 100 degrees and let stand during 5 / 8 minutes based on our tastes. If we take 2-3 cups per day of this home remedy, we will soon notice the benefits.
  2. Recipe 2: infuse tea oolong tea – lime and add a teaspoon of honey. Oolong tea helps to soothe sore throats, like lemon, which provides vitamin C and honey is known as one of the best products to soften your throat.

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