Teas and infusions for osteoporosis

Tés e infusiones contra la osteoporosis

More than 2 million Spaniards, according to data from the Spanish society of Rheumatology (be), are affected by osteoporosis , and among these patients, the group most affected is the of «postmenopausal population, which reached 25% (1 of every 4)».

Besides them treatments that recommend them experts in health and them possible interventions to improve the health of them patients, from Aromas of tea have dear talk about teas e infusions natural that help to prevent and to reduce both this ailment, as them causes of the same.

Among them are the green tea, black tea, ginger, the horse, the rooibos or honeybush the queue. We will then explain why, but before we’d like to talk some more about osteoporosis, always from the humility, because that will be the subject matter experts who can better advise you in this respect.

What is osteoporosis?

Known as a «silent disease» because not show symptoms until the bone is really severe, osteoporosis is, according to be, «a skeletal disease that produces a bone strength predisposing to an increased risk of fractures. The bone becomes more porous, with more air inside, increasing the number and size of cavities or cells that exist in its interior. Of this way, them bones is made more fragile, resist worst them hits and is break with greater ease.

The same, as we said, affects more than 2 million people only in Spain and 1 in 3 women postmenopausal, as well as 1 of every 5 men starting at age 50, so it’s a disease that makes no distinction between the sexes, although it affects with more intensity to the first.

«It is estimated that this disease is the cause of some 25,000 fractures each year,» explained from the Spanish society of Rheumatology. Among the fractures more common produced by the osteoporosis, it’s hip is an of them, especially around them 70 years.

In the first place, experts recommend eating the proper amount of calcium per day. «The specific amount varies according to the age, sex and the risk of osteoporosis, but many adults will need 1,000 to 1,500 mg a day. This intake is possible with natural foods rich in calcium (above all the milk and its derivatives) or as supplements in the form of drugs (calcium salts). In the latter case, there must be a control of your doctor about the amount and pattern of administration. «Of equal way, the vitamin D is a substance fundamental to the bone», exposed from be.

Teas and infusions against the osteoporosis

There are several studies that have shown that, as well as supplements of calcium and vitamin D that people who suffer osteoporosis or could get it that need, there are also other natural plants that serve to reduce the risk and, especially, of reducing the causes of the disease, these include:

  • The tea green: a study published in the magazine scientific American Journal of Clinical Nutrition put in relief that certain components of this tea, as are them polyphenols, increase the mass bone, as well as the quality of the component trabecular of them bones, their thickness and, therefore, the resistance of them same to them fractures. But not is this the only study that so it shows, but also it have made from the University of Hong Kong, where ensure that the tea green could help to improve the health of them bones and, therefore, not only strengthen them when already is suffers from osteoporosis, but prevent the same. In a report published by this institution in the Agricultural and Food Chemistry, explained that the elements chemical of the tea green stimulate the training of bones and help to slow their decomposition. In a Studio and in other, persons who had been subjected to the same took green tea continuously during the study, but always in moderation. Not more than 2 to 3 cups of tea green to the day.
    Within our selection of green teas, it is worth making special mention of Sencha green tea, not only for being organic production, but because in their country of origin is one of the effective natural remedies that women who have reached menopause take to improve the State of their bones.
  • Black tea: in this case, we have also wanted to be based on another study, this time by the research team of Dr. Richard l. Prince, of the University Western Australia, in which, after analyzing more than 1000 women of a mean age of 75 years and taking 3 black daily tea cups, it was concluded that the same had a 34% chance less to develop a fracture osteoporotic, and 42% lower of developing fractures of hip, in comparison with those women that just consumed 1 cup of tea black to the day. If to them properties of the tea black you unite them mineral suplement of the coconut, could highlight, among our teas of the mentioned variety, the tea black smile African. In the same way and thanks to the vitamins and properties of strawberries that contains Tea black Praline Premium, together with the chocolate of the same, this could also be a good candidate to improve or strengthen the health of our bones, as well as to prevent or to reduce the consequences of osteoporosis.
  • Ponytail: known for its slimming properties, the truth is that you it’s a plant that offers a long list of benefits to our body. Among them, the care of our bones, thanks to its high mineral content. Them themselves get, not only reduce the pain that can produce them bones damaged by the osteoporosis, but help to improve the health of our bones in any moment of our life. In addition to the minerals, it also compounds such as saponins, flavonoids, or some alkaloids, which improve the health of our bones. Aromas of tea we have this wonderful product, which you can take at any time of the day, since it does not contain caffeine.
  • Aloe vera: a plant that can not miss in any house where to appreciate the benefits of the plants and flowers that provides us with nature, to take care of our health. In this case, we can affirm that the aloe vera also is good for the care of our bones, since contains vitamins that help to assimilate the calcium. In addition, being a powerful cellular regenerator, it also contributes to slowing down the advance of osteoporosis and helps in the regeneration of the bone mass that weakens due to above-mentioned disease. In this sense and attached to the benefits of the tea green, we propose our delicious Te green Aloe Vera. In addition to having a very pleasant and mild in flavour, it contributes, thanks to its three main ingredients (you green, aloe vera and yogurt), to improve the health of our bones.
  • Honeybush: nice and sweet flavor, the honeybush is also an excellent ally against osteoporosis, either to prevent it, as to reduce your symptoms if you already have. In fact, in the case of menopausal women, it is precisely one of infusions that is recommended to reduce the risk of such consequence. It has attributes phytoestrogenic which are useful, as we said, to protect the body of osteoporosis. Similarly, it provides calcium to our bones to strengthen them. If you also want to see the benefits of it, you can get it at our online store, and remember, that it is a good drink to consume at any time and family, since it does not contain caffeine and the kids in the House like for its soft and sweet, very nice and nothing cloying flavor.
  • Rooibos: one of them teas more demanded in the last times and that, as the rest of them mentioned, brings large doses of health to our body. Among others, the improvement and strengthening of the entire bone structure, thanks to his contribution of magnesium and calcium. In addition, it also offers remineralizing properties. Properties which, in addition, also improve the bone quality of children, so it is a tea ideal to share with family and take at any time, even taking into account that does not contain caffeine. In scents of tea have with a long list of flavors of rooibos between which, sure, is that more you like to you and to your hij@s.
  • Ginger: known for its digestive properties, a Danish study has shown that the moderate and regular consumption also contributes to, significantly, to relieve pain that are associated with osteoporosis and other diseases related to bone health, such as the artrititis or for muscle disorders. Very preferred, also, in the case of the women in the cycle of menopause. For said study is took a sample of 56 people to which is observed between 2 months and three years and that had them mentioned problems. At the end of the study, the clear conclusion was that the headaches were reduced and there was no side effects. Other similar studies have reached the same conclusion. Will you be the next to notice it when you try our infusion?
  • These are only some minor details. Contributions natural that, next to them treatments or recommendations that you offer your specialist, you will help to prevent or to reduce the symptoms of the osteoporosis. You do already take some of them to do so?

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