Tea bags: see all applications that you can give them

In them found the measurement accurate to make a good tea. But, in addition to comfort us and improve our health, tea bags also have other uses for our everyday life which, surely, you didn’t know. You have some!

Las bolsitas de té se pueden reutilizar para diferentes usos (Foto: www.cielaria.com)
Tea bags can be reused for different uses (photo: www.cielaria.com)

We have said it many times and will continue repeating it over and over again, because we are convinced of this: tea and infusions are a natural source of health. If you follow us or are habitual consumer of tea or herbal teas, this is something that you also know it and have it rather than proven.

Their properties to benefit the health are numerous: are a powerful antioxidant, help to combat certain types of cancer, them diabetes, improve our State mood, us help to focus us, to keep our skin young, to care for our health oral, to reinforce our defenses, etc.

Ways to consume this healthy drink are also varied: infused with water or milk, hot or cold and purchase it in bulk or in tea bags. Some bags that, what many people are unaware of is that, besides provide health and welfare also us help in others areas of our life everyday.

In the following lines, we reveal some of the uses which may be made of tea bags. Already you can not live without them!

Uses of tea bags

  • Healing quick: the tannins that contains the tea have an effect healing natural. To achieve this result simply place wet teabag on the wound (small cut or scratch) and wait a few minutes to make its effect.
  • Anti dark circles: without need of spend you a dineral in products cosmetics, many of them elaborated based products chemical, when finish of take your cup of tea made with a sachet of tea, use it to cover those imperfections. 2 x 1!
  • Out warts!: are very annoying, but eliminate them of form natural and get that is fall can be as simple as apply during media hora-cuarenta minutes the sachet of tea wet. If, after this time the bag becomes dry, the process must be repeated.
  • Relieving mosquito bites: simply apply the teabag over the bite. It reduces the swelling and itching. A good method for them more small: not itchy and them usually do much grace!
  • To soften the meat: sometimes, meat is can stay hard and that gives much rage, to soften it and returns to be tasty and tender, infuse a black teabag (no flavors or spices) and saute the meat with this drink is required. Then and only, if desired, can also marinate with soy sauce, spices, onions, etc.
  • As compost and fertilizer: the content infused in them bags of tea can be the best compost and also fertilizer for our plants. In the second case, just with leaving the content wet of the sachet of tea, to the foot of the plant.
  • To clean the wood: without damaging it. It is advisable to put three tea bags in a litre of hot water and when infused, we can already clean.
  • Pans with stuck food: If you are unable to remove what is you hit when you were doing the food, let stand overnight with water and a sachet of tea and the next day the nightmare will be over.
  • As a natural air freshener: like the balls of neftalina, but still a strong odor, if you leave a teabag in your closets or drawers, own pod will release, gradually, its delicate scent.

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