Tea Spices: protects your stomach with them

Christmas is a time of great feasts and excesses, reason why our stomach suffers a lot, giving rise to unrest, decompositions and even vomiting, sometimes. To remedy it of form natural, in addition to trying to not exceed is too, there are certain spices that have very hand that help to improve the transit intestinal and them digestions heavy, feeling a sensation of relief and welfare. Taking them in infusion or tea, always will be much more pleasant


Gastrointestinal problems are, unfortunately, very common in all human beings. Problems that, also, is come pointed in some times of the year, as is the case of them Christmas, as are days of meals copious, greater intake of alcohol and fat that not are very recommended for our body, less even if it have well accustomed and, of form usual, follow a diet healthy and balanced.

In addition, those who regularly suffer with your stomach, for example, due to its irritable (estimated that one of every six people in Spain suffer from it) or that this area of your body is resentful when they take certain foods, because intolerance who are unaware that they may be moderate or strong.

In this sense and to solve such problems in a timely manner or to reduce them, if you have a chronic gastrointestinal ailment you need you to know that there are certain spices that help regulate our bowel, offering us a sense of well-being and calm and avoiding as well the swelling or heartburn.

Aromas of tea we know well the power that have these spices and for this reason, in some of our teas and infusions will find them. In this way, when you take that tea or infusion, you will not only enjoy a hot or cold drink that you like very much, but that you sit in addition, phenomenal.

Here are some of the most common spices and within reach of your hand, be it in health food stores or through our teas and infusions.

Spices to improve your health

General rule, the herbs that then let’s talk, as well as being powerful antioxidants, also help in the following processes:

  • Stimulate the metabolism, since are rich in nutrients.
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels, i.e., the levels of sugar in the blood. Some spices help to regulate blood sugar levels and to control insulin, to the same level that make it certain specific medications for people with diabetes, but without side effects, it is a natural product.
  • They have powerful, anti inflammatory properties , managing to give us a feeling of calm in the swollen area and well-being, in general.
  • Are anti bacterial and anti viral, ideal to care for us in this era in which all are so prone to colds, coughs and others.

In this sense, spices common in the market and more effective for this purpose are as follows:

  • Basil: is is of a grass with a large potential anti inflammatory, helping to combat the ailments caused by the bowel inflamed and very recommended, therefore, to people with colon irritable. In addition, it contributes to the Elimination of harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning, something that is very common at this time of the year.
    Within our products, the infusion good nights incorporates this grass, what helps to them digestions night are much better.
  • La cinnamon: certainly one of the spices with the highest level of antioxidants which are known. Thanks to its properties, it helps to control blood sugar levels in the blood, which increase considerably during the Christmas holidays if we are not careful. It is also an anti inflammatory nature, not only to improve the intestinal transit, but also muscle ache. Not can leave of mention, that is recommended for people with problems heart and for those students in times of tests, since helps to focus is.
    There are numerous varieties of tea and infusion which you will find in our Web shop containing this product, for example: the red tea pu erh cinnamon chai black tea, white tea pai mu tan Buenas Noches or anti stress and rooibos Chai infusions. These and many will most find them here.
  • Turmeric: Curcumin in the main ingredient of this small orange pepper that acts as a powerful anti inflammatory, with effect comparable to proven drugs, but, of course, without side effects. Also recommended for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome to take infusions made with this spice, also improved liver status and prevents heart disease, not to mention that it helps to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, since it decreases inflammation and oxidation of the brain.
    Aromas of tea we have female vitality, infusion containing turmeric.
  • Ginger: is one of our favorites and you can certainly find it in 12 of our products. It contains more than 25 types of antioxidants and is well known among pregnant women or persons who have suffered vomiting and nausea, by cutting them in a natural way. On the other hand, thanks to its antiviral properties, it also helps to combat sore throats caused by colds, so common at this time of the year, as well as helping to improve breathing, for its expectorant. And, of course, do not forget your power of anti inflammatory, ideal to combat inflammation of the intestine.
    Some of our teas and infusions include: tea black chai, Pakistani black tea, Carpe Diem or chai green tea infusion.

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