Tea recipe: salad of black rice with black tea seven wonders

Will not deny: we love the food! But not just any type of cuisine, but one that contains: quality, possible seasonal raw materials and are healthy for everyone. If also carries tea… we love! For this reason also we love to test new or traditional recipes and add them some tea.

And, for this reason, today I present this recipe of salad warm of rice black with tea black them seven wonders. In addition to very simple, it is also healthy and balanced, and of course, as its name suggests, carries tea. What more can ask for?

Receta saludable

It was great to us, so we want to share with you the recipe so you can try it.

Look forward to your responses!


(For four people)

300 grams of rice

Medium onion

1 pot of corn cooked

1 jar of seedless raisins

2 tablespoons black tea seven wonders

To garnish

Sauce of soy

Extra virgin olive oil

Vinegar of Modena


First, put to boil water in which we cook rice. When this is in boiling, will add two tablespoons of tea black them seven wonders that can find in Aromas of tea, subsequently is let stand for five minutes.

The next step is the of Cook the rice. Therefore, strain the unfused water so that is not no herb tea in water use and with it put to cook the rice for 15 minutes. Of this way will achieve that the rice acquires a soft and pleasant taste to tea black them seven wonders.

While we hope that the rice is cooked, we can go chopping the onion finely and mixed with corn. Will also get to hydrate raisins in a glass of water.

Once cooked rice, drain and mix with onion, maize and hydrated raisins. Now only remains to season it to taste with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

As you can see, it’s a very simple and quick dish cooking.

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