‘ Operation detox’, best with teas and natural antioxidant foods


With the arrival of summer, also comes the time of the bars, take caps more frequently, or not always healthy meals and drink more alcohol than we should, etc. For all these reasons, our body looks resentful and hence that summer is also the stage in which give more cases of decompositions and intestinal ailments.

So this not us happens, must carry a control more comprehensive of them things that take. By assumed that you can give whims occasionally, but remember that your health is the same are of holiday or not and, therefore, it have that take care always. In this sense, take care of food and eating fiber-rich products and antioxidants will benefit your general health status and the gastrointestinal tract, especially.

It is precisely to this last point, the antioxidant foods, which we would like to pay special attention in this post today. Explain what are, in what food the we can find and its benefits. We hope that this article will be of interest.

Antioxidants: what are and their benefits

We are sure that you have heard on many occasions of these molecules found in most of the foods we consume on a daily basis and allow the State of our health, in general, is much better, as well as improving the State of our skin, being one of the main benefits of antioxidants prevention of cellular aging. But they aren’t the only ones.

When we talk about the benefits of antioxidants, also we are referring to aid them troop in moments of great power wear, such as the situations of stress, heavy work loads, do sport or, simply, tired of every day. If you eat antioxidant-rich products, this wear of energy will not be as high as if you do not take them.

The question is now this: where can you find them? As said, in many of the foods that consume of form regular. In particular, those that contain vitamins A, C and E, as they may be strawberries, tomatoes and even, we can find them in some dairy. But the list is very extensive and we would like to focus on some of them.

Food antioxidant

As well, we say, the list is very long, but we’d like to make special mention of the following:

  • Strawberries: loaded of vitamins B and C, also are one of the best natural antioxidants par excellence. In addition, we can not mention other benefits of this fruit, as its anti-inflammatory power, achieving the same effect of aspirin or ibuprofen, but naturally and without side effects, thus benefiting the deswelling of the intestine, when this is resentful when we consume products that can damage it. In the same way, improve health bone and oral, as well as combat skin aging and being a food that helps you to lose weight.
  • Dark chocolate: far from what many may think, pure dark chocolate, consumed in moderation, is beneficial for health and is also a potent antioxidant. The ultraoxidantes extracted from this product (as the catechin, epicatechin and Procyanidins), help to improve the blood circulation, thus protecting our hearts from diseases related to the same. Of course, your skin will look much nicer thanks to pure black chocolate.
  • Blueberries: bluish or reddish color, blueberries are one of the fruits, along with strawberries, more antioxidants to bring to our body. In fact, experts say that fruits of dark colors are those that benefit from these features. Regarding our health benefits, are several studies that have shown that they contribute to protect us from suffering heart disease, as well as reduce the chances of developing certain types of cancer, to encourage the creation of new cells and reduce the cancer. Our skin will also look more beautiful thanks to this fruit.
  • Yogurt: Besides being a great source of calcium, natural yogurts also prevent the symptoms of diarrhea, helping to restore bacterial intestinal flora. In the same way, it protects our body against possible infections. On the other hand and provided that it is consumed to skimming, help reduce blood cholesterol levels. In terms of nutritional values, must not forget that natural yoghurts provide vitamins B, C and D (natural source antioxidant), without forgetting the Zinc. All these help us to combat tiredness, heal wounds, blocking the effects of free radicals and protect our immune system, respectively.
  • Green Apple: that it contains large amounts of vitamin C and therefore is a good natural antioxidant and has greater effect if consumed on an empty stomach. Thanks to the Green Apple we help to eliminate free radicals in our body. Similarly, Apple helps lose weight and regulate blood glucose levels. As far as health oral terms, helps to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Finally, it should be noted that it helps us to maintain proper heart rhythm of our hearts, especially if, as we said, we consume it in aid.
  • Blackcurrant: experts qualify it as one of the best natural pills vitamin c, a vitamin that translates into its sour taste. Something that makes many people reject it, and is a really beneficial to health fruit. Thanks to her and the antioxidant power that gives you mentioned vitamin, we eliminate free radicals in our body. In the same way, it preserves better our skin and eye health, without forgetting its worth to fight colds, flu or other viruses, for their natural antibacterial work. In the case of women’s intimate health, helps to reduce vaginal warts.

Green tea and white tea

These two types of tea are also authentic natural antioxidant sources, why should never miss in your House. The best in the market, you know where you can get them. Just come in scents of tea and click here to get green tea and this other linkto get white tea. All of the highest quality.

Like the benefits mentioned in previous products, green tea and white tea also help to combat free radicals, thus improving the State of our skin and heart. Of course and as you know, are excellent to accompany them on a healthy and balanced diet in people who are especially interested in weight loss, as well as for those who have to reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

The most antioxidant teas

If we combine the properties of green tea and white tea with all the foods mentioned in the first section, some more antioxidant teas you’ll find in our online store are as follows: green tea organic berries, that contains blueberries, strawberries and currants, as well as having the plus of being organically; Kir Imperial green tea, which contains strawberries and is very cool, ideal to take at any time of the year and protect our health; Strawberry and all its benefits are also included in the Green Jasmine tea.

Another antioxidant ingredients that we have mentioned in the above list has been yogurt, the same will find it in our green tea Aloe Vera, as well as in the green and white tea lemon sorbet. As the block is concerned, it can be found in the Rainbow green tea and white tea Pai Mu Tan nights white

The currants and their benefits, you will find this fruit in our green and white tea Golden Flower, as well as violet green tea  and as we have already mentioned more above, in the green tea organic red fruits.

Rooibos, the «great unknown»

Surely, if you have arrived to this post is because already you’re a lover of the tea and them infusions or because us has found doing a search of this product. So, it more likely is that, of course, know the rooibos, but what much people not knows of the same, is about his great power antioxidant, of which some experts ensure that is greater that the of the tea green. For both reasons, we wanted to dedicate a special in this post section.

As we say, rooibos contains a large amount of antioxidant properties. Indeed and according to a publication of the Council American of Botany in the year 2003, «not there is another resource natural that contains as many antioxidants as the rooibos». Thus, thanks to it can protect the health of our heart, keep cholesterol levels, improve the intestinal transit (something that come great, especially during the summer), protect your immune system and improve oral health and bone, by the large amount of calcium that contributes to our body.

So them things and taking in has the list of food that above have mentioned, I would recommend, in concrete, them following types of rooibos of Aromas of tea: rooibos forest enchanted, that contains strawberries and currants; rooibos Praline Premium, which contains strawberries and chocolate, this last, also included in the delights of Chocolate rooibos, rooibos chocolate chips and coconut rooibos

Now that you know what teas are the most powerful in terms of oxidants, you only hope you enjoy them as you deserve. Until the next post!

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