Green tea and rooibos to care for your heart

Té verde y rooibosaliados del coraón

We have just celebrated the World week of heart 2015 and on this occasion, Aromas of tea we wanted to pay tribute to all those scientists who study the properties and characteristics of the foods and natural beverages that could reduce the number of people who suffer heart attack or who have heart-related problems.

And is that, as well know and have published in various occasions, are precisely those studies scientific rigorous, which associated with the consumption of tea green and tea rooibos, with the reduction of possibilities of suffer problems of health related with the heart. For this reason, today we want to talk about the reasons why these scientists consider that our family doctor it is good to take 2 to 3 cups of green tea or rooibos to the day, of course, always and when so advise it, if we have some kind of problem with the heart.

Teas which, as you know, we produce with natural products; top quality raw materials and following a rigorous process of them so that you, our customers and friends, receive only a product without comparison, which brings you great deal of welfare and health. We started!

Green tea and heart

te-verde-genmaicha«Myocardial infarction was less prevalent among green teadrinkers, suggesting that regularly ingest this drink may have a protective role against the development of myocardial infarction». Are words of the Doctor Yukihiko Momiyama, main author of the study medical of the College doctor of Defense national, in the city Japanese of Saitama.

Words that we have extracted from an article published by the newspaper El Mundo and issued by the news agency Reuters, which explains the reasons for the start of a scientific investigation in which you attempted to clarify why the number of people who suffer from this type of mishaps, compared with episodes occurring in people of the West is less frequent in Japan.

And is that it is not yet known the exact cause of why green tea promotes cardiovascular health, when it contains caffeine (that Yes, in rather less quantity than in coffee), that scientists suspect what would be the amount of flavonoids containing this natural beverage that would benefit this section of human health. And is that if by something is characterized them flavonoids, is by the made of that «fight the oxidation that damages them cells of the heart, through some substances so-called radical free», explained in the article. Hence also the green tea is considered good to prevent certain types of cancer or, in the field of aesthetics, to improve the condition of our skin.

In fact, as is clear from the notes issued by Reuters, several studies have shown that people who eat foods containing flavonoids (such as some fruits, vegetables and red wine), are less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, also relate this consumption with lower risk, as we said before, suffering a heart attack.

Translated into figures and returning to the case of the study of the Japanese doctor, he deduced that analyzed people and that they consumed a cup of green tea a day, 42% of them were less likely to suffer an episode of heart attack, compared to those not taking it. And all this taking into account that many of the people subjected to this study had risk factors associated with his person, as for example, hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes.

In this sense and from the Spanish Heart Foundation, Foundation who knows perfectly how this organ, explain that «tea contains caffeine, but to a lesser extent than the coffee, which stimulates the nervous system, but does not produce excitation.» «That Yes, people who frequently suffer from ventricular ectopic beats (beats the heart developed), arrhythmia or palpitations, should not take tea».

In another order of things, from the Foundation also support the theory that the flavonoids are those that protect the health of our heart. Therefore, they allude to a scientific study published in the journal Circulation, which ensures that people who consumed green tea have one 44% less likely to suffer myocardial infarction, «regardless of age, gender or lifestyle that have».

Teas that are known, are committed by green tea «because the fermentation of other teas destroys substances active. Therefore, green tea (less proofing) enjoys the best therapeutic properties in this regard».

On the other hand, added, «it seems advisable to take between one and two cups of tea daily. You can provide us an additional benefit and would have no harmful effects. However, in case of taking drugs, not is advised make it, since the tea can interfere in its absorption. « for them people that take anticoagulant, the tea could reduce its effect, by which not is recommended». Words of the doctor Ana Maria Ramos López, author of the article in which we have based and published by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

Rooibos and heart

comprar-te-rooibos-eco-onlineAside from green tea, now turn to talk about the benefits of tea rooibos, which despite being part of the category of teas, is distinguished from all of them because it does not contain caffeine, by what can be consumed all over the world and at all times, regardless of sex or age, unless explicit prescription. And it is that on it, also there are various scientific studies have been conducted to study their benefits, even though they are a minority, compared with those who are made in relation to green tea.

A drink, rooibos, which increasingly is having more acceptance in our country and increasingly known more, but in place of origin, South Africa, is a drink very usual and greatly valued for its nutritive properties, tasty taste and, above all, be considered as an excellent ally to guard our heart.

One of the main reasons why the found scientific studies attest rooibos as a natural remedy to take care of the heart is its high content in chrysoeriol, an excellent antioxidant, which inhibits the narrowing and hardening of the arteries, allowing blood to flow normally through the heart and the pump properly.

In the same vein, these studies (which, by the way, recommend taking on a daily basis from one to two cups of rooibos, for 6 months, to notice its effects) ensure that the same antioxidant regulates blood circulation and stress, in addition to reducing bad cholesterol.

Furthermore, rooibos tea is also recommended to relieve anxiety and insomnia, which aren’t good travel companions of cardiovascular health, thanks to its sedative properties. Not containing theine, can be consumed at any time of the day, even before going to sleep.

Now that we have given you some guidelines to care for the health of your heart, you only have to consult your doctor in case of doubt and, later, visit our online store or visit us at some of the hundreds of themed markets that we went at the end of the year and start enjoying a world of health and wellness.

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