Teas and infusions: do you know how to distinguish them, infusionarlos and how much to take?

Its color and type of leaf are the main features of the Visual of the different varieties of tea. Products which, by their qualities, must be infused in a temperature and a specific time if we want to get the maximum flavor from them and whose decision must be to a greater or lesser extent

It is true that the red and green are more known in the world tea types. However and such, and like you, the tea lover you know, there are many more varieties, each of them with characteristics and properties. Types of tea that, little by little, we have been gathering in Aromas of tea and produce very carefully so that you can try them at home and you stay with that more like it or best suits you, depending on your mood, health or time that you’re going.

In our shop on line always will find the variety to which belongs the product that acquire, as well as their main properties, because want that always are informed, but this not is something that can find in all parts. For this reason and so you can also distinguish the type of tea you have front, we have prepared a small list of varieties of tea and its main visual characteristics.

In addition and so you don’t doubt many cups can take the day of the tea, as well as his time of infusion, we have prepared this post.


Tea white


Made with the first outbreaks of the tea. Infused once you see white or plat
OCTA because leaves are not fermented, that only have been dried carefully so that they aren’t broken and remain large way which does not lose one iota of its quality. White tea should be infused between 1 and 5 minutes, at a temperature of 65/70 ° C. He is not recommended to take more than 3 cups a day.

Red tea, Pu Erh
te_rojo_pu_erhvisually stands out because it looks a reddish and dark, leaf something that is this type of tea is because fermented, rusty. This type of tea, which you’ll find a wide variety of flavors aromas of tea, should be infused for 2 to 10 minutes at a temperature between 95 / 100 ° C. He is not recommended to take more than four cups a day.

Black tea
te_negro_breackfast_ecois a type of tea very fermented and so is so dark and this wrinkled the
sheet, although when hydrates sheet is larger. It has much caffeine and is characterized by astringent and invigorating, so more than 3 cups is not recommended per day that you must infuse for 2-5 minutes, 95 / 100 ° C.

rooibos_ecothis type of drink without caffeine gets cut finely, an African shrub bark that is subsequently dried. Visually, it is distinguished by having a reddish brown, with really thin and small pieces of bark cited. In principle and having no caffeine, no problems when taking the number of cups you want, provided that it is not abused in excess thereof. When infusionarla it must be borne in mind that it should be done for 7 to 10 minutes, at a temperature of 100 ° C.

Green tea
te_verde_ecothis type of tea is dried freshly harvested, so therefore do not acquire dark colors. Visually its leaf is elongated and green, usually not very dark, although this can vary based on the rest of the materials with which it is combined. To remove the maximum flavor possible to the tea Green is necessary infusionarlo of 1 to 4 minutes, to a temperature of 75 to 85 ° C and not is recommended take more than 4 / 5 cups to the day, in addition to not do it immediately before or after them meals, since prevents it correct assimilation of the iron from our body.

Yellow tea
te_amarillo_yellow_tea Leaves of this tea are like green tea but the secado-fermentacion process is different, becomes first drying as the’s white teas and then it ferments with moisture, giving them shape of needle, main visual characteristic. It is for this reason that tells them which are post-fermented teas. To get best possible taste of green tea is necessary to infusionarlo of 1 to 4 minutes at a temperature of 75 ° c to 85 ° C and is not recommended to take more than 4/5 cups a day, as well as failure to do so immediately before or after meals.

kukichaare the sticks of Japanese green tea, in the photo that we accompany appreciates that you will find in scents of tea is cool, since, normally, it would be toasted and is of less quality (Brown). This variety is known as «the only green tea without teína» and offers large healthy properties. Also it can infuse twice the same dose, getting the same properties in both infusions. This tea should be infusionarlo for 3 to 5 minutes at 80 ° C and not recommended more than 3 or 4 cups a day.

Emate_infusionl that we are using with Aromas of tea is a Brazilian mate, since it has a lot of quality and the grass is less crushed. To take it is necessary infusionarlo for 7 minutes at 100 ° C.

Bancha te_bancha Like Kukicha, bancha tea is also Japanese green tea leaf. Visually its leaf is green, dry and long. This tea should be infusionarlo for 3 to 5 minutes at 80 ° C and not recommended more than 3 or 4 cups a day.

Oloong or blue tea tea
te oolong brillo01this type of tea is composed of large sheets of white tea (first outbreaks), fermented green and black. It is therefore a very full and preferred with caffeine, but with antioxidant properties, tea diets where you want to lose weight. Visually, its leaves are dark green, as dry and elongated. You have to infusionarlo for 2 or 3 minutes at a temperature of 75 ° C.

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