Reinfusionar tea

One of the advantages of the tea leaves is that reinfusionar can be, i.e. more cups of tea with the same leaves can be prepared. Depends on the variety of tea that we choose, will vary the number of times that we can reinfusionarlo. For example, the tea blue (oolong) is very known for its capacity of resist more infusions that the tea green, that not can reinfusionarse many times.

However, is important know how bring to out this practice correctly so your infusion is so pleasant as the first cups. And is that, when prepare a tea, inside the leaves tend to be components of flavor. Why not use them? You explain how to do it.

The technical to get the maximum to the sheet reinfusionada depends on, as have commented, of each variety and if is only sheet of tea or goes accompanied of fruits, flowers or spices. Usually, if is is of a tea with flowers of flavors soft or with pieces of fruits, that flavor is lost in each infused giving step more to the taste of the tea. On the other hand if is of spices, cinnamon, ginger… are more resistant to give flavor after several infusions followed. A fact to keep in mind: to make a reinfusion it is necessary that the leaves are not in water between an infusion.


Although each tea varies in its preparation for the temperature of the water and time of infused, you recommend use them same parameters by each reinfusion.
There are people that prefer to increase the temperature but decrease the time infusionando on each occasion; question of tastes. You can experience you same to find the relationship ideal.

Keep in mind that as we go reinfusionando tea will be reducing the content of caffeine in tea. The second infusion will always present a decrease in the percentages of protein (depending on the variety).

  • Tea red and tea blue

These varieties are the more easy of reinfusionar, since are that more flavor dan in each infused with the same leaves, regardless of the time and temperature of the water in each use. It oolong tea can reinfusionarse until the leaves are open, which will usually happen between the fourth and fifth infusion. For his part, them teas pu erh acquire greater degree of aroma after mature with the time.

The technique to be followed would be pouring hot water at about 80 degrees and allow to infuse a minute for the following cups, go leaving every time a little more than time.

  • Green tea

A pure quality can be reinfusionar up to three times in a row by taste, above all gunpowder green tea and the majority of Japanese green teas green tea . The trick for the second and third infusions is leave it less time infusionando but to higher temperature.

  • White tea

They are more delicate and more tender plant leaves, but also does have a mild flavor and do not produce much bitterness. If you want to reinfusionar the white, tea should be a first infusion of about 2 to 5 minutes with hot water but not burning, the next with the same temperature but more time and the third with a little more hot water (max 85 °) and less time.

To take advantage of white tea leaves we recommend as much as two reinfusiones.

  • Tea black

The leaves of black tea loose almost all its flavour and qualities in the first infusion, so is not recommended to reinfusionarlo. However, if we are to do so we must be very attentive to that time in contact with the water is not more than 5 minutes.

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