Gyokuro tea: a Japanese Delicatessen

Today, tea aromas, we traveled to Japan to talk about one of the most exquisite tea varieties from Japan. Gyokuro tea or also known as«dew drops«or «drops of jade»is considered one of teas green of greater quality and expensive in the world. The name gyokuro relates either to the pale green color of infusion. It … Leer más

Traveling to the India in a cup of tea Chai

Chai or Masala Chai tea is a popular drink in the South of the India made with powerful ingredients: a blend of tea with spices and herbs. In scents of tea have included this drink so beneficial for the health to our select catalogue of infusions, playing with the intensity of different flavors, without losing the essence of this drink ancient

Oolong tea, probably, one of the best teas in the world

The blue tea or Oolong tea is one of the Favorites of connoisseurs and lovers of quality teas. Its flavor and aroma have a perfect balance, causing the person who takes it a feeling of infinite well-being and large doses of health. Stimulator, diuretic and digestive, this type of tea varieties are characterized by soft, something fruity and sweet taste. A delicacy that you can not miss!