Gyokuro tea: a Japanese Delicatessen

Today, tea aromas, we traveled to Japan to talk about one of the most exquisite tea varieties from Japan. Gyokuro tea or also known as«dew drops«or «drops of jade»is considered one of teas green of greater quality and expensive in the world.

The name gyokuro relates either to the pale green color of infusion. It has a very peculiar production process. Before making the collection (2 or 3 weeks) plants are covered with nets so that we give them the Sun. In this way, the absence of light makes that sheet encourages more chlorophyll, increases the levels of protein and lower the of level, which are to give bitterness to tea.

It is curious that the first shoots that are collected in may hand, they are the most tender and of higher quality. Nothing else collect them they vaporize and its leaves are rolled to let them dry. In this way, they acquire a dark green color.

After speaking of the process of production, we would have to talk about some characteristics of this variety.

Characteristics of gyokuro tea

Thanks to its production process and other features which we will mention below, this variety is one of the most appreciated in the Asian country.

  • Tea gyokuro comes from the specialty of asahi, okumidori, yamakai and saemidori shrubs. It is listed as a sencha, a variety of green tea that comes from the yabukita shrubs, and therefore can be considered not properly a sencha.

  • The infusion prepared with gyokuro has a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. With many aromatic nuances that make it unique.

  • It has a high market price, due to its demanding production process.

  • First your production data are from the 19TH century and Japanese Uiji, Yame, and Asahina regions are where this crop is produced.

In our online shop you can enjoy this exquisite variety, since we have the green tea Gyokuro Japanese Asahi . Due to its large amount of caffeine, is the ideal start to your day and some experts is one of the Greens with highest quality in the world.

Health benefits

Like other green teas, this variety helps to lose weight. But not only that, has other properties that are beneficial to our health.

  • It has antioxidant properties that stimulate the immune system, accelerate the metabolism and therefore burning fat and excess calories.

  • Due to the high level of protein that brings this variety makes it a powerful stimulant and improves concentration.

  • Thanks to its antioxidant levels, minerals and nutrients gyokuro is very beneficial for the reduction in cardiovascular disease. It reduces the level of cholesterol in blood and regulates blood sugar levels.

  • As we have mentioned above and thanks to its production process chlorophyll level is higher than that in other teas green and therefore taking it prevents infections in the mouth and provides a fresher breath.

How to prepare

After speaking of their properties and health benefits, what is way it better to enjoy this exquisite variety?

The Japanese take it at a not very high temperature, to do it with other varieties of green tea. The temperature is about 50 or 60 degrees and the high quality gyokuro are often infuse to 40 degrees. The key is to drink it slowly to appreciate all its aromas and flavors.

Is without doubt one of the most exquisite varieties of the world and which provides numerous benefits to our health. ¿Te animas to try it?

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