Tea black: properties and benefits

te-negroWho was to say to the English that today, that tea that a day brought of them colonies of the India was to be today one of them more famous and consumed by them lovers of the tea. And is that, along with the red tea, this black tea is one of the more defendants and not is surprising taking into account all its properties and benefits for health, for both the spirit and the soul.

Today we dedicate a special space to this tea whose variety will find a comprehensive listing in our online store, just click here. Black teas, pure, but also mixed with other natural ingredients, such as fruits and flowers, which will transport you to unique moments of pleasure, how unique are our natural products, made from materials premium first quality, gluten-free and, of course, with great affection, undoubtedly the key ingredient in the success thereof.

In this new post we will talk about the properties and benefits that characterize this variety of tea. We invite you to, as you read this post, you can enjoy one of our black teas, to feel at first hand all the sensations will today occupy this post.

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Properties of black tea

Black, as well as other known varieties of tea tea is made with tea, i.e., the Camelia Sinensis plant. Of course, as all them teas, the black also has its particularities, the first of them and thanks to which is explains the rest, is its process of oxidation of long duration. Thanks to the same gets that black colour that gives its name to the own tea.

He mentioned process is divided in the following phases: withered, in which is dehydrated by full them leaves; rolled, so finally have the appearance that users see when they see them dry; screening, moment in which is separated the sizes of the particles; oxidation, this process lasts two hours and, finally, drying, which will be that slow down the oxidation. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that black tea, unlike other teas, such as red, is not subjected to fermentation, but as mentioned, an oxidation or aeration and during this process does not involve any type of micro-organism, something that happens during fermentation, as in the case of red tea.

Similarly, black tea is distinguished from others by being which contains more protein varieties in the market. Thanks to this, the tea black is one of them best stimulating natural that exist and, therefore, is ideal to start well the day or for wake is after a meal or to half afternoon.

Benefits of black tea

So far we have mentioned the properties of black tea, we would now stop at the benefits that it has for the physical and mental health of those who consume it. The list is long, but we have made a selection of the most important.

  • Stimulant: have already said above that it is the tea with more quantity of protein of the varieties that are known, so it is not surprising that it is a natural drink stimulating. In this sense, is important to mention that take a cup of tea has the same effect that half of coffee, but without them effects harmful of the same.
  • Cholesterol and circulation: and all the cardiovascular system, in general. And it is that take black tea, in addition to rejoice the spirit, and therefore the heart, also reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, as well as help to prevent poor circulation. For the latter case, it is recommended not to take it with sugar. And if you want to sweeten, use natural sweeteners.
  • Out tides: those people who have low pressure and head spin is therefore, can use black tea as a natural remedy. Of course, from Aromas of tea we always recommend such measures consult physician if you have serious health problems or found in a different special or momentary health, as for example, a pregnancy.
  • Antioxidant: is one of the Teas that higher level of polyphenols contains and, therefore, is a potent antioxidant.

Black teas to not lose sight

Now that you know the properties and benefits of black tea and that you know some of those more successful have in our on line shop, you want to propose a list of four teas that do not have them tested, you should do so, since they are unique: black tea berries, elaborated based on raspberries and blueberries, not only you can have in your hands a drink aromatic and pleasant flavour , but that will also be an infusion that will allow you to travel to exotic and pleasant places and feel a wave of wellness fills your body to each SIP; The seven wonders black tea, blend of black tea and green tea whose sunflower sprouts give it a pleasant peach flavor. You’ve not proven anything like; praline premium black tea, which can infuse with water or milk and is ideal for breakfast or snack has a flavor and unmistakable aroma of chocolate, with a small acid touch given by the rose petals, which make it a unique drink; black tea African smile, like the previous one, can also be merge with water or milk. The combination of the tea black, with banana and coconut make of this tea one of them more special and sweet that you will find in our shop on line. http://www.aromasdete.com/blog/te-negro-propiedades-y-beneficios/ http://www.aromasdete.com/blog/te-negro-propiedades-y-beneficios/ http://www.aromasdete.com/blog/te-negro-propiedades-y-beneficios/ http://www.aromasdete.com/blog/te-negro-propiedades-y-beneficios/ http://www.aromasdete.com/blog/te-negro-propiedades-y-beneficios/Quienes it have proven, no leave of repeat. Something will be!

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