Oolong tea, probably, one of the best teas in the world


He tea blue u Oolong is one of those big unknown of the culture European, that is goes giving to know to large steps in our continent between them lovers of the tea, but that still has little presence in the surfaces commercial. Of course, in specialized stores, such as our on line shop www.aromasdete.com, which you can find the type of tea mentioned in different variants and combined with different flavors, giving it an even more special touch which already does not the same. This type of tea not be recommended infusionarlo with milk, or take it with sugar or saccharin. Where could you find strong flavor, the most recommended would be to add a bit of honey or agave.

Its taste, color and aroma, as well as its numerous health benefits, make this tea an essential in any lover of the tea house. In fact, it is considered by tea connoisseurs as one of the best teas in the world, for that perfect balance that emerges from it. In the last years, this tea is has related with them diets, by be a great burning fat, similar to the tea red. But the blue tea is much more than that and we would like to be able to talk about it in this new entry blog. We started!

Characteristics of Oolong tea

Very appreciated by its flavor, aroma and benefits for it health in Chinese and Taiwan (where is produces the greater part of the tea Oolong) and to half Road between the tea green and the black, is is of a tea semi fermented, that is elaborates with it plant of the tea, the Camellia Sinensis, and of the same there are two variants that is distinguished to it view by it form in dry of them same , after their processing:

  • Jade oolong tea: tea leaves rolled ball-shaped type to the Gunpowder, but in contrast to these, are not within the green teas. The level of oxidation is lower than other types of tea and the color of their leaves have a bluish-green tone, hence the name of this special tea. Its flavor is mild and fruity. Best Blue teas of this branch are produced in Taiwan, as say the experts and you can find them in Aromas of tea
  • Amber Oolong: in this case, and unlike the Jade Oolong, the Amber Oolong have elongated leaves and its oxidation level is slightly higher than the above, but does not have the level of green tea or black tea. Its color is beige, almost transparent and its flavor is very mild and pleasant. The more famous of all them is the Fancy Oolong, that also it can find in our shop on line of tea.

Properties of Oolong tea

As have mentioned to the start of this post, if by something is appreciated this tea, in addition to by your taste soft and something fruity in some of its varieties, also it is by them multiple benefits that the same has for the health. As the list is very extensive, we’d like to mention the most important ones:

  • Digestive system: thanks to the catechins that contains, they allow to fine-tune our digestive system, avoiding the annoying digestion. In fact, it is recommended to take it after the meal for this reason and because to be slightly stimulating, it will allow you to better cope with the rest of the afternoon. Rid of sleepiness when you come back to work! It is also used to cut diarrhea and mild vomiting, although that does not have the same properties that might have a red tea, especially in these cases.
  • Stimulant: does not contain as much caffeine as black tea, so it may take until well into the afternoon, but if you are from which caffeine affects you, it is not recommended to take it from 7 or 8 pm. It, moreover, allows you to focus on the tasks that you have earrings, eliminating the level of nervousness that sometimes produces the standard of living we have.
  • Antioxidant: thus avoiding premature aging of the skin. Due to this characteristic, and like other types of tea, also associated with the same advantage of preventing certain types of cancer, especially those related to the intestinal device or skin.
  • Diuretic: helping to prevent fluid retention. Help lose weight in the case of obesity, being one of the best burning natural fats that are known. Of course, it should not take more than two or three cups of this type of tea a day and it is necessary to combine it with a healthy and balanced diet and some exercise. Tea is not miraculous, but it helps eliminate excess fluids from the body.
  • Strengthens the defenses: you help to put to your system immune.
  • Cholesterol: you help to eliminate the level of cholesterol bad in blood and keep it to raya.

Buy in Spain Oolong tea

As we have already mentioned above, you can find some of the best varieties of blue tea or Oolong tea in our shop on line, www.aromasdete.com just click on this link: http://www.aromasdete.com/es/14-te-azul-oolong and in the markets that we visited. In addition, we have also created our own versions of Oolong tea, taking the raw material of the highest quality, as this tea, and adding products and aromas that make them real gems. Do not stay with the desire to try them!

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