White tea: soft, elegant and full of health

propiedades y beneficios del té blanco pai mu tan

Some days ago, in our social networks, a fan asked us that we recordáramos the characteristics of the different teas that currently exist in the market and can be found at www.aromasdete.com. So in the coming weeks, we will combine the description of the characteristics of these products, along with other entries related to health, natural care and other topics of interest which we consider to be of general interest.

In this case talk of the tea white Pai Mu as, also known as Bai Mudan and that is characterized by be a tea of flavor soft and pleasant, that contains very little theine and that is very little rusty being, however, one of them teas with greater level of antioxidant of all them teas that is known and is produced. In short, a nice source of natural health. Have you tried it already? Maybe that after meeting all of their properties, you animes to do so. But you warn: If you do, you can not let take it! It is incredibly delicious!

Characteristics of white tea

It is, without a doubt, one of the most special teas on the market. And it is because it is made with the shoots of the tea plant, Camelia Sinensis, but Khenghe Bai Haoo variety. His production not is so abundant, as could be them varieties of tea green, tea red or tea black, for example and its price is something more high, but really deserves the penalty, by all them properties that the same brings to the human being. 90% of this tea is produced in china’s Fujian province, hence it is also known under the name of Fujian white tea or Chinese white tea.

Its color, as its name suggests, is very clear, with floral aroma, soft and light flavor that makes it a really nice drink. «Hard to resist it, once you try it», ensure all customers of Aromas of tea, proving for the first time. Even those who like the flavor that the oxidation gives the tea green, red or black, greatly appreciate the softness of white tea.

A tea that is perfect to combine with fruits or other aromatic herbs, since it gives prominence to the same, but softens them in such a way that the results are excellent.

Another feature of this tea is the little protein that contains, so it can be taken at any time of the day, without problems, insomnia or nervousness. On the contrary, is a tea that help to focus and relax, in such a way that we can focus on the task to have earrings, whether it’s work or the sleeping.

Highly antioxidant (much more than green tea or red tea), this tea has been recommended on more than one occasion and taken in moderation, for people who have heart problems. Something that does not happen with other varieties of tea, due to its caffeine content.

To view, you distinguish it from other varieties of tea, have elongated leaves and which retain their natural green color, not having to go through a process of oxidation. A tea that could be classified as gourmet and saved in the houses of china as a real treasure, since it helps to improve the physical and mental health.

Benefits of white tea

This type of tea is a real source of health and the list of benefits is very broad, but I would like to mention some of the most important:

-Oral care: white tea will help you take care of your gums and teeth, since it contains a significant amount of calcium and fluorine. They are different studies that have also shown that eliminates bad breath and fights the bacteria that causes plaque and cavities. There are many dentists who recommend taking this type of tea two to three cups a day since, in addition, have been confirmed that the tea does not stain the teeth.

-Take care of your heart: as we mentioned above, white tea is a powerful antioxidant, which also helps us to take care of the heart, in addition to reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

-Take care of your bones: calcium not only strengthens the teeth, but also the bones of the body. So it is a good tea for women going through menopause, in addition to being the best breakfast and lunch for the lactose-intolerant or those who simply do not like milk or feel them badly.

-Out viruses!: white tea is a real natural anti viral, so if you take it in a natural way, you will notice how your defenses are much stronger. If you have the flu or common cold, take it and you will notice how improvements.

-Younger skin: to be a potent antioxidant, also takes care of our skin, preventing their rapid aging and making that we can look younger and bright face.

-Prevent certain types of cancer: that is another of its important properties. especially if we’re talking about cancer prostate, stomach, or colon, thanks to the flavonoids that contains this type of tea, which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and the development of new.

First quality white tea

You know how much that we like to please you, therefore, in our shop always will find the best products on the market. Quality teas, whose raw material selected carefully for offer the best flavor and conserve all their properties. Something that is still a strictly during the whole process of craftsmanship that we carry out at our facilities in Sonseca (Toledo).

If you want to try your results, just enter our section of white teas and let you enjoy by pure white teas, such as the white Pai Mu Tan Eco or white tea Pai Mu Tan 1st grade. Within them, it deserves a special mention Silver Needle white tea, white tea more special type and all, and whose production is really special. But it’s a tea that is so good, that families that produce it always keep a handful of the same at home, for all the benefits it has health.

Besides teas, pure white, also have white teas that perfectly combine the softness of this variety of tea and the pleasant taste of fruits, such as for example, Pai Mu Tan nights whiteand Pai Mu Tan Cherry Pai Mu Tan Spring. In this sense, also is worth mentioning the combination ofl tea white, with the base of preparation of the chai. If you have tested with tea green or black, this also you will like.

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