Yellow tea, a great unknown properties

Yellow tea comes from the same plant as the most famous teas consumed worldwide (Camelia Sinensis), however it is one of the least known. Despite his low popularity, every day is discovering more about this drink with multiple properties and benefits for our health. Take note!

Source and references

Also called the five dynasties tea, yellow tea has its origin in China – currently, only country routinely – and its consumption was only intended for the imperial family and the higher social classes.

Processing is similar to the Green and white tea, but with a shorter drying phase, where the wet leaves are allowed to stand and yellowing, which determines the color and texture of yellow tea. He made of being so little fermented makes that its color and aroma are soft and delicate.

Benefits of the tea yellow

It is an good ally for our health. Its properties include: increasing the capacity of concentration, protect against tooth decay by its high content of fluorine, being diuretic and antioxidant. Know in detail all the properties of yellow tea:

  • Digestive: since the oxidation process to which it is subjected that enzymes that are beneficial to help gastric processes activate.
  • Diuretic: promotes the Elimination of fluids of the body. In this sense is considered good for losing weight. Several studies have shown that it helps to quickly burn excess fat and increases the energy required for digestion, absorption and metabolism of food.
  • Antioxidant: our improves skin, rejuvenating the cells of our body.
  • Has properties anti-cancer: as the tea green, its antioxidants and catechin remain intact during the period of fermentation, what makes that is very rich in polyphenols and that have that capacity preventive so own of the tea.
  • Cholesterol: one of the great benefits of yellow tea is that he has been to demonstrate that it can reduce bad cholesterol effectively, while increasing the «good» cholesterol in our body.
  • Caries: its high fluorine content makes it the best natural ally to care for our health oral, avoiding the formation of cavities and eliminating the bacteria that can damage our mouth.
  • Excellent cardioprotective: is estimated that the consumption of tea yellow could help to issues such as make more fluid it blood, help to lower the levels of cholesterol bad and also to reduce the pressure blood high.
  • Prevent it diabetes: as the tea green, the tea yellow contains gallate of gallate or EGCG, a substance that stimulates the production of the hormone of the insulin indirectly, and counteracts the assimilation of them molecules of glucose in the torrent blood.

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