Red tea: the secret lies in its fermentation

TÉ ROJO- el secreto está en laIf you ask to someone that not is consumer of tea usual, by the varieties of this product that knows, it more likely is that the first response out: «tea red». And it is that this tea is, along with the black and the Green, the most commonly consumed in the world. Hence its fame. A fame that has well deserved if have in has that is is of a authentic source of health, flavor and aromas that fall in love to all that that it test, especially if is of quality, as that can find in by that, because is a tea very special, have dear dedicate him the post of today, in which us will focus in their properties , benefits, but also in which, undoubtedly, is the secret of its success: its fermentation, very different to the of the rest of teas and that can last even years, in the case of them teas red or Pu Erh of greater quality. We started!

Tea red and fermentation

As we have said before, the secret of red tea lies in its fermentation. A fermentation that has nothing to do with the rest of teas, even with the green tea, with which it shares many properties and health benefits. In fact, experts say that, in reality, red tea is a green tea with a much longer fermentation and the process of fermentation, once elaborated, becomes a barrel which introduces a type of bacteria. These will be responsible that tea ferment for a long time. After this process, the color of tea will be red (sometimes black, but not to be confused with the variety of black tea), which is which gives its name to the tea.

Other data curious is that, to difference of the fermentation of other teas, that is make in one or few days, the tea red can spend even years in barrels. The more time passes, of better quality, it will be tea. A good example of teas of excellent quality, worthy of them palates more demanding, are our cakes of Pu erh (15 years old), with an aroma and flavor unmistakable. not have proven a tea red best!

Properties and benefits of red tea

If one of the peculiarities of the red tea is its fermentation, less are not its properties and benefits that take two to three cups a day of tea red bring to our health. We will not stop much in their properties, but it should be noted that, although before said that red tea and green have many points in common, the truth is that our protagonist today contains a greater number of statins, which help to reduce our level of bad cholesterol in the blood, as well as a greater percentage of GABA , which contributes to the reduction of our pressure blood. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it retains the same level of polyphenols than green tea.
But focus us on the benefits that take tea red contributes to our health. Tea, by the way, can take both cold and hot, although it is recommended to take a little more quantity of tea if we want it to take cold, especially if the idea is add ice, since they added more water to the preparation and, therefore, the amount of tea must be consistent.

The benefits of the tea red are substantial, but is worth mention the following:

  • Antioxidant: thanks to polyphenols which we have mentioned above. Therefore, red tea will help us keep cells young our skin and heart. Several studies have shown that it is very beneficial for people who smoke, since red tea counteracts the harmful effects of tobacco in it comes to worsening of the skin. en is indicated for people who do intense physical exercise and to subject people to large doses of stress, since they will protect corrosion cells that both hard sport as stress contribute to our life.
  • Slimming: this is one of the most recognized this type of tea features and it is due to its high content of catechins, as well as green tea, so the product is Star diets related to weight loss, but also with cleansing diets. In the same way, it helps to boost the metabolism, so if you suffer from constipation, red tea will be a good ally
  • Triglycerides and cholesterol: helps put them in line.
  • Protect the liver: consumed in small doses (not more than 3 cups a day) tea is good for protecting the liver, as demonstrated by scientific studies.

Now that already know some of them benefits more highlights of the tea red, you invite to try both the flavors pure, as fruity or spicy of our shop on line and that can have in house in 24 / 48 hours, with only click here.

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