It celebrates the arrival of spring with Aromas of tea,

té de primavera

Spring arrives and it all seems to have other color. The fields and trees bloom, the day is lengthens shortening it night and all the world seems to be of better humor. Want to go more into the street, walk, or do some kind of sport to enable us and we can begin to take away the fat coats to make room for other types of garments lighter, as well as impose the fresh and fruity flavors.

But not everything is beautiful at this time of the year, since the arrival of the spring increases the number of asthma, allergies are emphasized and are common the sore throat, gastrointestinal problems, snot or bronchitis. So there is also be a time where you enjoy the Sun and the products offered by nature, also to look after our health and enable the body to not be low defenses.

That is why that Aromas of tea we have prepared special section Spring teas, in which you will find a wide assortment of teas made from fruit and seasonal, such as cherries, strawberries or peaches and which have been designed, not only to cool off at this time of year, but also to alleviate the diseases that are associated with it and activate your body and mind , so that it is consistent with the time of year that you are living.

Teas and infusions that have been taken so that can enjoy them throughout the day. For example, seven wonders black tea or Pearl of the desert, are ideal for taking in the breakfast, because that will help you activate, besides be digestive and contain a number of vitamins that provide the fruits that have been elaborated. For his part, them rooibos, to the not contain theine, can take them by the night and rest as is should.  For its part, the green tea eliminated the headaches so typical of this season.

Spring discount teas

And so you can do it in the best way, we have a 10% discount to all products in this section. You have no excuses to renew your stash of teas and take care of you in the spring! To you expect to get them? Enter now at and beam of spring your favorite time of the year.

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