Dare to try tea oolong or blue tea

Less well-known than white tea, oolong tea or blue tea is an excellent ally for health, which is characterized for its mild flavor. Very different from others, but like lovers of strong red or black tea or earthy flavors, both lovers of the softer, as white tea or rooibos flavors


When we visited the markets or new customers to visit our on line shop, there are many who are surprised to be aware that in addition to the traditional tea green, black tea, and red tea, as well as our herbal teas or rooibos tea, there is also the oolong tea or better known as blue tea.

It is true that it is not a mass product in Europe, but in recent years is becoming more common and, of course, tea aromas you could not miss, mainly for two reasons: on the one hand, because we like to be able to offer greater type of teas possible to our customers, so that they can not only buy the traditional , but also new varieties and, on the other hand, because we like to offer products that provide health, welfare, and an enjoyable experience.

This tea, oolong tea (which in Chinese means the tribute tea) or blue tea meets all those goals that, every day, we look at tea scents.

Similar to the vast majority of teas, blue tea also comes from China, to be cultivated, mainly in the North of Fujian and the mountains of central Taiwan, which is extracted from the plant Camellia Sinensis.

Health properties

te-oolong-brillo (1)This type of tea shares many properties with the tea red and the tea green, but adds others that these not have and that it develop in a tea very special and that never should of missing in a house where there is a lover of the good tea.

One of the main features and differences with the rest of the Teas is your property depurative, much higher than the others, facilitating the operation of our liver to be appropriate and enabling good digestion, so if you’re going to make a meal rich in fats, or copious blue tea will be your best ally. A function which also allows, at the same time, control the level of bad cholesterol and lowering the number of triglycerides in the body, also harmful to our health.

In this sense, we cannot fail to mention its fat burning, forming part of a good number of diets made by experts in nutrition.

Like the white tea contains less caffeine than the rest of the tea and therefore also is appreciated due to the cardiotonic properties.

You must not forget its antioxidant, which makes that case of diarrhea or gastric problems also can help us, in addition to slowing down the aging process of the skin and, taken in moderation, helps fight certain types of cancer, as demonstrated by scientific studies done on this type of tea , in several universities in the United States, the European and Asian continents.

With this information, do not doubt that you’ll be willing to try it fits us. Not him hesitate, you will be surprised! It is very simple: just enter our on line shop and make your order. we forward your response!

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