This Christmas gift tea, source of health and welfare

Life can be much easier and more pleasant around tea, therefore, for this Christmas we have prepared a special section where you will find products new, ideal to eat during these days, as well as existing ones, but they feel always phenomenal. Get to know them and give away them! Sure that you have matched


Now there is nothing left that we celebrate the Christmas. They are days of meetings, meetings with family, friends, for the joys and moments to remember are no longer that. Time of gifts, traditional foods we eat only at this time of the year… in short, Christmas is special and different.

Each one lives it their way and we have wanted to celebrate its arrival with you in the best way that we know to do: with a special promotion for which we have selected the most consistent products for this time of year and we have put them at a special price. In addition, we have incorporated others who are new and which, we hope, like both as us. Of course, we do not forget to include some tea accessories.

In short, a series of products that you can purchase at special prices from today and until January 6, day of Kings, to enjoy with tea and infusions during Christmas, but also, so you can give away it and thereby offering the person that an original, different gift receives it and that , as well as a drink or tisanera, will also included a dose of well-being, a few drops of health and much, much enthusiasm, something that should never miss in our hearts, even less at this very special time.

Christmas tea

If there is something that is typical of Christmas are the feasts that are celebrated these days. Can that all those years you propose eat less or even prepare less amount, but, at the end, all the world falls. For this reason, there is nothing better for that time that have a supply of tea in the House which, thanks to the boxes or tea bags, you can get there wherever you want and share it with who most want and that will help us alleviate the discomfort such as heavy meals cause in our body.

So, in for this Christmas promotion , we have selected the most digestive teas more recommended for this time and also those with Christmas-related flavors, such as spiced, passion sweet oolong tea, made with Nougat, dessert par excellence of these dates as indicated.

Traditionally digestive teas

  • White tea Pai Mu Tan nights white, has a very Christmas aromatization. Along with the blue tea, tea
    White is one of the more digestive, and contain little protein, it can be consumed virtually at any time, without affecting sleep, even more if we consider are dates that we forget the clock.comprar-te-blanco-noches-blancas

  • Tea green Rainbow: is one of them more demanded, since is made with some ingredients that you give a flavor very nice and that, therefore, is ideal to share in family after a food or dinner. In addition, for this Christmas, we have added a few spices, to give Christmas touch that needed you to do so, simply, perfect.comprar-te-verde-arcoiris

  • Chai black: besides being a very spicy tea and, therefore, ideal to combine with all of the mixture of flavors that we consume during lunch and Christmas dinner, the black chai is characterized by being very digestive, helping to combat halitosis that, due to the heavy these days meals, can produce, also helping to make disappear the strong flavors that can leave certain foods in our mouths. Also, helps to protect our heart and level of cholesterol, that both suffer in this time of the year, due to the excesses to which we see subject.chai-negro

  • Green and white tea grenadine sorbet: without a doubt, one of the flavors more sweet and nice for Christmas in which, in addition, also employs this fruit, pomegranate, some desserts, such as the Macedonia. A tea with a very light, refreshing taste and feel very well after consuming a large meal. While it may be cold or hot, at this time, the second option is more ranges.te-verde-y-blanco-sorbete-granadino

  • Infusion rooibos digestiv: our digestive product par excellence, which in addition to leave a pleasant and refreshing taste, what will make you feel very comfortable. To not contain caffeine can consume it all kinds of people and all ages. Share it with family or friends!infusion-rooibos-digestiv

  • Red tea Pu Erh Cherry: morning, after a hearty dinner, also tend to be rather heavy. So if you have not been able to take a tea or infusion that will help you last night, nothing better to start the day and burn fats so sweet, our red tea Pu Erh Cherry, reminiscent of the traditional heart of Kojac lollipops. Without a doubt, the best time to return to childhood is Christmas. Enjoy it!te-rojo-pu-erh-cherry

  • Rooibos Praline Premium: because Christmas is to fill it with sweet and pleasant moments, our Rooibos Praline will get a nice effect on all members of your family and friends, regardless of the age.


Special Christmas teas

  • White tea Pai Mu Tan Cherry: imagine a soft, delicate, very digestive tea and that joy you in soul and spirit. That is Pai Mu Tan Cherry white tea! A tea that we have prepared especially for the holidays, so that you can finish in a sweet and pleasant way your lunches and dinners.pai mu tan cherry02

  • White tea Pai Mu Tan Christmas: made with ingredients very Christmas, such as almonds and cherries, which are made of much of Christmas sweets, but that thanks to this tea can take it drunk and without having to feel heaviness, only satisfaction.pai mu tan christmas02

Tea oolong sweet passion: is there something more Christmas than the nougat? So we wanted to incorporate it into the tea more purifying and light have, blue tea, to which we have given that Christmas touch, without that why it is cloying, but very nice. You’ll love!te oolong dulce pasion02

Give tea and accessories for Christmas

We know that you like to take care of those who want more, both family and friends. So we want to help you, and besides these teas and infusions, we also wanted to include in this promotion of Christmas tea accessories, so this Christmas you can make a different and healthy and very Christmas gift.

Gifts that can do to a family, but also for those small details of company or of friends invisible that both are estilan during these days. It combines some of the Teas and infusions of Christmas, with these accessories:

  • Tisanera and Tin of Christmas cookies: are many houses where, besides the turron and polvorones, for these days of Christmas are also prepared traditional ginger biscuits, which in addition are very digestive and nothing heavy. Ideal to accompany with any of the Teas we have mentioned.juego galletas01

  • Tisanera Christmas Toys: because we all have a child inside, this Cup is perfect gift for children and adults, even more so at this time of the year. It is very practical and easy to use and, like all our cups, is dishwasher and microwave safe.Tisanera Ositos02

  • Tisanera Christmas in the Alps: an of them prints more traditional of the Christmas is that of a casita in the idyllic Alps Swiss, in which never lack a vaquita of which extract milk for develop our desserts. Then, why not include it in our list of tisaneras for this Christmas?
    Tisanera vacas 03

Would you like to know more about this promotion? Enters in the section promotion of Christmas and see all what Aromas can do for you this Christmas.

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