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Embracing couple using mobile phone in cafeLove, love, feel affection… are feelings that you have, not only for the couple, but also for parents, brothers or friends. With them, we want to live always good times and give the best of ourselves. In short, show them our affection in different ways and make them feel comfortable, make things easier… Pamper them whenever possible! And one of the best ways to make them feel good inside and out, have a good time together and pamper them is to share a cup of tea with them. A simple and economical way to spend moments of happiness together.

No doubt, a good and original idea to show how much you love that person or persons, on Valentine’s day. And it is that you celebrate it or not, this is the day of love for excellence. And though love must prove it every day with facts and words (especially the first), it is leverage that day to give you a little more of emphasis to your feelings.

History of San Valentin

You know how much that we like in scents of tea curiosities, and so is the history of Valentine’s day. Far from having become currently a rather important date for consumption, this day it was created by the Catholic Church, and in fact, at the time, became even holiday.

It feast of the day of San Valentin arises in the 494 D.c.., when the then Pope Gelasius I, wanted to finish with a party pagan that had great impact and that is came celebrating is from the time of the Empire Roman: it party of them Lupercalia, in honor to Lupercus (protective of pastors and herds), as well as in honor to it loba that breastfed to Romulo and Remo.

So, Gelasius I decided to become a Catholic feast day of February 14 and called Valentine’s day, in honor of Valentine, a kindly doctor Roman became priest and went down in history by married couples in love of the era, being sentenced to death by this very fact, since in ancient Rome, it was not as simple soldiers could marry and he made it possible. Valentin was murdered the 14 of February of the year 270 d.C., under the orders of the Emperor Claudio II, making is so, not only in martyr, but in symbol of them in love.

During centuries, the 14 of February, as mentioned previously, has been day festive until in 1969 and with Pablo VI to the head, let of be it, passing to be, simply, a day more than the Saints, but without any type of celebration.

Commercially speaking, the first commercial use of this day data date back to 1840, when Esther a. Howland began selling gift cards with motifs designed for lovers.

Ideas for San Valentin with your partner

As we can see that you are willing to do something different to show how much that person on Valentine’s day, our proposal you care for that day and how it could be otherwise, is that you do share a cup of tea. An idea original and different and that you will allow live moments unique and intimate that is direct in a sense or in another, according to you want.

But we will not only comply with give you the idea, we also want to help you and for this we propose the following elections:

CITES Blanca with your partner: is clear that any day can be good for intimacy, but Valentine’s can be even more special if you do share a good tea, getting the result is doubly good. And in scents of tea we have various types of infusions that, because of the ingredients that have been prepared, you’ll see how your libido and your partner’s increase. … We leave the result to your privacy! Among those teas are those that contain: 

  1. 1. chocolate: as black tea and rooibos premium praline or red tea Pu Erh Chocolate.

           3. Damiana: sex par excellence plant and you can find it in our infusion of sex.
infusion-del-sexo 4. Ginseng or Strawberry: both are revitalizing and serve as an aphrodisiac. You can find these ingredients in infusion female vitality; Green Jasmine teaand green tea ginseng passion .

Appointment at home or on the street: it’s turn any day into a different day, and as we have said, the tea can be your best ally for this. But it is clear that to take it you need a cup of tea, an Infuser and if you go out into the street, a thermos. And it is that surprise the person you want out of work or on the street has no price, but these days are cold, so do not forget to bring warm and well prepared tea house, in a thermos.

Special section Valentine scents of tea

Will not deny: you want and appreciate! For this reason and to make this day even more special, in our shop on line you will find a special Valentine’s section in which no shortage or teas according to couple, or mugs and thermos with a 25% discount.

Descuentos en tés por San Valentín Use it and celebrate Valentine’s as you’ve ever done!

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