15 December: international day of tea

Each 15 of December is commemorates the day international of the tea, an ephemeris that established them main countries producers of tea-Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka-of common agreement with agencies international for say them rights of them workers of the plantations of tea and them small producers, promote the trade of the tea, give to know them multiple benefits and properties therapeutic that offers and revalue the tea. Or said in another mode, remember and think in those people that are behind this drink with so much magic.

From Aromas of tea, as artisanal producers, we want to launch a message of support to all the workers and small farmers who work every day in this industry and fight for their rights.

It certain is that each time more people opt by the tea as drink more healthy by their multiple benefits for the body, in addition to by the existence of varieties and flavors of the world to the reach of the hand.

Such is its roots that form part of cultures of thousands of peoples and of the life everyday in countries as Japan or China, making is in a drink ancestral that it culture Asian has used during centuries as revitalizer physical and spiritual or countries as United Kingdom, where the «Tea time» is an of them traditions British more held.

Economically the tea also represents a powerful industry, especially in countries and areas in development, as are the areas rural of China, India, rest of Asia and Africa, in where plays a role fundamental in the economy of communities.

Already is in a part basic of their cultures or in many cases a very important interpreted through complex ceremonies, each corner of the world saves with dedication the traditions for to continue enjoying today of this drink that both us offers.

Among its Properties, tea helps prevent obesity, since it inhibits the growth of new fat cells. It stimulates the nervous system and provides an important source of energy; helps to control bad cholesterol; is antioxidant; improves the appearance of the skin and tones up the body; It is diuretic and helps to hydrate the body, among other many benefits for our body and mind.

On this day, trade unions, organizations of workers and other organizations of civil society organized seminars, public events, and presented their demands to Governments. What you can you do to celebrate? We suggest you join this day for tea, discovering in each SIP what’s behind every Cup. You can also enjoy it in your privacy; It will be the best hug of the day.

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