Licorice: a plant very healthy

Beneficios del regaliz para la salud

When is speaks of licorice, many people think in gums or on the stick of licorice that is has taken both as bauble healthy, as to mode of infusion. It is precisely on this latter use, the take the plant of liquorice infusion on what today want to focus on this new post of our blog of tea.

And it is that if you know well our on line shop and follow us in a way regular in social networks, we are convinced that you know well that this plant is part of a good number of our teas and infusions. Something that is not a coincidence, but that has to do with all the benefits that this plant perennial brings to our daily health. Not in vain, the use of licorice in natural medicine has been used practically, since man is man and today want to focus on their main benefits.

But before we try to define what is licorice and what are the main properties of the same, to then go to talk about the above benefits. Join us in reading? We recommend, of course, an infusion of liquorice, to start this beautiful tour through the world of this common plant in the world.

What is the licorice?

As well we have said since the beginning of this article, licorice is a perennial plantof the family of the papilonaceas , and which can grow around the meter and a half tall. Beautiful Blue or purple flowersemerge from the same. The licorice that we know and that is native to Europe and Asia minor, although today it is grown in many parts of the world, is characterized, among other properties, being rich in: vitamin C, which will help us increase our natural immune system defenses, in addition to minerals such as calcium, to protect our bones and teeth , phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, or sodium, without forgetting that it is rich in flavonoids.

Benefits of licorice

Taking into account the properties mentioned above, it is not surprising that licorice is used in natural medicine on a regular basis, of course, always without abusing and that with it being manufactured different medications or infusions and teas as what they can find in Aromas of tea by clicking here.

Some of the uses for which licorice is used, include the following:

  • Digestive: and is that the licorice root is antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, so it is recommended to relieve digestive problems such as gastritis, indigestion and flatulence. In addition, helps to counteract the acidity stomach or in pain of stomach. Some studies also associate to take licorice to reduce constipation.
  • Liver guard: thanks to the glycyrrhizin that contains the licorice root, the same helps to protect the liver from toxic substances and therefore recommended for people who suffer B hepatitis or cirrhosis, as well as being very suitable for diets cleansing, eliminating toxins from our body in a natural way. So it is recommended to take 2-3 cups per day of infusion of liquorice, provided our family doctor says otherwise, by any other medical condition that we suffer.
  • Flu and colds: in these cases and in order to cure these pathologies, symptoms such as sore throat, cough or mucus, the truth is that take liquorice infusion help to improve the State of health of the person of remarkable and natural way. Thanks to its high content in minerals and vitamin C, it helps to improve our defenses, so it also help us curemos before, to be a powerful antiviral natural.
  • Improves the State physical and psychic: them minerals and vitamins that contains the root of licorice also make that the same is recommended in cases of fatigue chronic or when we are very tired. In addition, also helps us to relax, so if reach very tired House, nothing better than to take an infusion of liquorice that removed us the accumulated stress of the day and let us rest, with a good night’s sleep, ideal to recover forces and surrender the next day. Some psychologists also recommend it for cases of depression mild or, simply, to lift the mood in days in which we are somewhat listless.
  • Other uses: some of the most common are to improve soil fertility, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, help to focus on studies or when we have long and hard hours of work, help people who want to quit smoking in their fight or reduce muscle cramps among others.

Teas and infusions of licorice

As we have already mentioned above, are different teas and teas that you can find in Aromas of tea produced with this plant. Besides own infusion of liquorice, we also advise you to try these other teas where licorice is one of the predominant flavors: Green licorice tea, black tea licorice, or infusions , mint, licorice, anise or Mint and licorice.

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