Cold? Medicinal herbs in teas and infusions

Autumn and winter are the times in which people are more likely to suffer from colds, colds, cough, or flu. Fortunately, in nature we find a large number of plants that we have to the fingertips and with taking them into infusion, help us to reduce the symptoms of the aforementioned pathologies, even to prevent them. For your added convenience, tea aromas have become them infusions and teas are Té e infusiones para resfriados, tos o gripe

With the arrival of the cold also get colds, cough and flu. Diseases that make us feel very annoying, especially if we have a great congestion. Traditional medicine invites you to take pills, but they don’t always feel well to our body.

However, there are other natural formulas that we have at our fingertips and that help us to combat the symptoms of the diseases listed, even to prevent them and, best of all, is that they have no side effects and adults and children can take them. Of the age or of the diseases that have each one depends on the choose a u another to combat these symptoms.

Natural formulas that are based on the intake of medicinal plants that we can prepare infusion mode and that in addition to helping us warm, we will also lay phenomenal. They are all plants that we can easily find in the Shop or at our departures daily to the field.

However, to make you life easier, aromas of tea have a good number of teas and teas that you will be phenomenal when you suffer these symptoms.

Then you will learn what are the most common plants to combat the cold, cough or flu and what type of herbal teas and teas you will find in our online store for this.

Medicinal plants

regaliz contra el resfriado

Listing of the same is very broad and in which areas living Spain, will be easier to find one or the other or a type of plant that at other points in the State geography are not used or known is used. We have dear do a small listing of the more common:

-Jasmine: experts advise gargling with an infusion of this plant, which not only helps to combat the cold or the flu, but also taking it in a common manner, can help us to avoid them.
-Licorice: is anti-inflammatory and expectorant, so both in Chinese natural medicine as a European has been used always to fight coughs, colds or respiratory infections,
-Thyme: is is of a grass antiseptic, that benefits our system respiratory, besides expectorant, what is of great interest for combat the cough, them infections of chest or bronchitis, as well as the pleura or the whooping cough.
-Eucalyptus: usually used to combat colds, pharyngitis, or flu, so common at this time of the year.
-Elder: sweat and febrifuge, leaves are so used to fight colds, as well as soothe the cough.
-Wild rose: one of the great unknown and, however, contain a high proportion of vitamin C, 5 times more than the lemon, so it is ideal for fighting colds, as well as cough. In addition, you have astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing properties, as well as a mild diuretic and laxative effect.

Teas and infusions against colds, cough or flu

As we have already mentioned above, although it is true that such plants are easily in the market or in the field, the truth is that we don’t always have time to go look for them or prepare them properly. For this reason, Aromas of tea we have some herbal teas and teas prepared, you’ll only have to infuse and enjoy:

-Cold Rooibos: whose flavor is very soft and is characterized by the high content of vitamins, especially vitamin C (for Orange and lemon). Also contains thyme, so is ideal for the cold, but also to combat cough, chest infections, or bronchitis.


-Jasmine green tea: which as we have said before, Jasmine is very good for combat both the cold and flu. In this case, you can enjoy this infusion, in bulk or in pyramids.


-Infusion fruit children: because it contains elderberry and rose hips (fruit with more vitamin C in all the Iberian Peninsula), and is therefore ideal for fighting the symptoms that we have been talking throughout the entire text. In addition, as its name suggests, it can be consumed safely by children, love that for its soft, sweet and fruity taste.


-Rooibos enchanted forest: both the elder, and berries which have been elaborated are very suitable to combat the cold. Having no caffeine, can be consumed at any time of the day and both children and adults.


-Licorice: there are several infusions or teas we have with licorice. If you click on this link, you will see all the variants. Choose the one you like!


Advantages of consuming natural products

The main one is that it has no side effects when it comes from a plant and not a drug. In addition, and with a few exceptions, they can be consumed by everyone, while it is true that should be more careful with the children, for which we have already indicated that there are also various types of teas that can be taken.

So, already know, if you have cold, cough or flu or like prevent them, takes them teas and infusions that you have preferred. Enjoy and take care!


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