Pope: know as well that you feel the tea?


Today, on March 19, is an important day for men who have had the luck to know what means fatherhood, so before you write one line more, we wish you a very Happy father’s day and, of course, congratulations also to all the Josephs, in his holy day. That you celebrate it as it deserves!

Once given the congratulations and since a few weeks ago we wrote an article about the main benefits of tea and infusions to women, on the occasion of the international day of working women, in this case, and since we are talking about the male gender, we would like to use this post to speak of the benefits of these drinks have for men.

And it seems that there is always talk of the good that are tea and infusions for women and, in fact, are those that consume it more, but this does not mean that does not provide benefits to the health and well-being of man, whether or not athlete, (they do consume it on a regular basis), since as always we say tea is good for all people, regardless of their age or sex. You will only need to take into account their physical conditions and tastes to opt for one or the other.

Benefits of green tea for men

Green tea is one of the most known and consumed in the world for the benefits arising from it and, in fact, is one of the most widely used in studies related to human health, as we reflect on numerous occasions in our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

In the case of women, used much in diets or aspects of the body beauty, since it improves the condition of skin and also is the best home remedy to finish with dark circles. All of this can also be applied to men, but we must also add the following benefits:

  • Cardiovascular health: help to prevent diseases related to the heart, regulates our tension and reduces the chances of suffering a heart attack.
  • Cholesterol: take 2-3 cups a day, helps to reduce and control the rate of bad cholesterol. Something that is usually given in men and that in this way, simple and natural, can be controlled without problems.
  • Prostate Cancer: reduces the risk of it, by far. It prevents the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells, in addition to destroying the evil which has already acquired the body.
  • Diabetics: green tea helps them control the levels of sugar in the body. A homemade and natural remedy that is used since antiquity, for this purpose.
  • Protect the liver: for example, front of intake of foods high in saturated fat, tobacco or alcohol.
  • Arthritis: green tea has anti inflammatory properties and, therefore, the pain of swollen joints will decrease if we take 2-3 cups daily.
  • Gastro-intestinal system: green tea protects it, making the much lighter digestions and reduces inflammations of the stomach after heavy or heavy meals.

Damiana benefits for men

Known as the «love plant» or «sex infusion», damiana has been used since ancient times by the men as a viagra natural, but much cheaper and no side effects. It contributes to good irrigation of blood in this particular area of man, maintaining the erection for longer and awakening your sexual appetite. In addition, damiana has a pleasant taste, by which won’t cost you anything to take it, and you can even share it with your partner, as a culmination of a romantic dinner. The dessert… you already put it!

Teas and herbal teas with ginger

Many of the products you’ll find at www.aromasdete.com have built-in ginger, as an ingredient. And it is that it is a plant with important healing properties, as well as give a different teas and infusions. If you click on this list, you will see the variety that we mentioned.

In particular, and as to the health and well-being of the man is concerned, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • Digestive: this has been the traditional use that has been always given to ginger. And it is that when you have the digestive system somewhat slow or you’ve had a heavy or rich in saturated, taking fat meal an infusion containing ginger will do that you recover quickly from that annoying discomfort that produce this kind of food in our body. In addition, it also helps to stop the vomiting and diarrhea or gastroenteritis, naturally and without side effects.
  • Source of vitamins and minerals: necessary to keep our immune system in good condition and enjoy good health and well-being.
  • Cancer Colorectal: the ginger helps to prevent it, thanks to the anti-cancer properties that are derived from it, and to protect, in a natural way the colon and bowel, eliminating cancerous cells affecting this part of our body.
  • Cardiovascular health: ginger also protects the heart of men and helps to control the level of bad cholesterol in blood, favoring the good cholesterol.

These are just some small strokes of all those benefits that has for the gender male take tea and infusions. And you, to what waits to point you to this line of health and well-being? Visit www.aromasdete.com and choose the more you like it. Remember that, if need any help or have doubts, will be delighted of attend you.

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