How heat water for tea?

A well made tea cup of hot tea can comfort the soul of any Tea lover. Good preparation can enhance the taste of the tea and here comes into play different techniques to heat the water, as well as the temperature, the amount of water or the infusion time, key issues that will determine the final outcome of our Cup of tea or infusion. We give you some tips below:


Where warm water? It is a fundamental step to be able to taste our delicious Cup of tea or infusion, retaining all its flavour and properties.

The kettles or electric teapots are enough practices in the kitchen because they allow us to have hot water in a short time, in addition guarantee that heat is distributed throughout the water evenly and to be made of stainless steel are not emit harmful materials for health or good taste of tea.

Iron teapot : what is very comfortable this teapot, in the oriental style, is that it can be used in all types of kitchens, i.e. in those that are induction plates, which have ceramic hob, as well as those gas cookers. Also it is a good way to retain longer tea in the correct temperature, and an elegant and convenient way of serving it.

If you heat up the water in a saucepan you can see when it comes to a boil because the water begins to evaporate forming air bubbles. The most important thing is that the water does not boil. (Water will contain less oxygen and the tea will not have adequate flavor and aroma).

And the microwave? When we heat a liquid in the microwave small waves are triggered by different points in the liquid causing different parts of water that are very hot or boiling along with other parts that are colder.

We therefore see that the waves generated by a microwave can that does not warm up the water evenly so that the boiling process is difficult to control.

Taste tea

The ideal container to taste tea are the cups of ceramic or porcelain and glass. These vessels do not interfere with the taste of the tea and keep all its heat.

Tisanera Tolanca with bamboo: the tisanera Tolanca set includes a porcelain tisanera accommodating up to 0.4 l of tea or infusion; a cover of bamboo that will help us not only to cover our tea while it rests, but that addition, also we can place some pasta or a cookie to accompany our favorite drink. The kit is completed with a teaspoon of porcelain, along with a dish of bamboo which can leave the tisanera or the spoon.

Crystal Tisanera: u na Cup which will allow you, not only enjoy the authentic taste of a good cup of tea or infusion, but also its color. And is that if there is something magical in different varieties of tea, are the colours and different shades, result of fermentation and standing time of each of the different varieties you’ll find in the Aromas of tea shop.

This tisanera is composed by a vessel of glass and steel, as well as its flavor scenter of steel, that it will not escape the ingredients that compose a tea or infusion you want to take.

Tea plunger brightness: is ideal to share as a couple, to serve the visits or to take in a meeting with a client to which you want to please, since it has a capacity for two cups of tea. It is also very elegant. It may be, also, an original gift and that will not go unnoticed, since this type of teapots is more or less common to see them in places specialized in the sale of tea, but not in homes or in offices.


Maybe once you’ve asked yourself why sometimes the tea you have more good than others, if you take the same amount of water and tea. The answer is found often in the temperature that water. It is ideal to reach temperatures close to boiling point.

In general, if the tea is black water must be between 90 and 95 ° C, just below the boiling point. For green teas, ideal preparation temperature would be between 70 and 80 ° C.   If he prepares tea boiling (100 ° C) water the taste and smell of tea will be harmed, since the aromatic compounds of tea are destroyed and causes be too astringent and bitter.

A simple accessory like a thermometer you can make your life easier and you tea exit always perfect.

Infusion time

The time of infusion ideal for preparing a good tea is of between 2 and 3 minutes. However, depending on the type of tea and, above all, personal tastes, this time of infusion may be greater or lesser.

The truth is that each tea has its own time of infusion. A Timer can help you to calculate the times and know when you can withdraw your colander and enjoy your tea or infusion where and whenever you want.

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