Forget the tiredness hydrating yourself with teas and infusions

There are periods of our lives in which we are more tired than in others. The causes can be very diverse: sleep little, too much stress and backlogs, lack of healthy eating, skipping some meals a day, the station change, be sick or lack of hydration, among other factors. If this is your case, experts recommend follow healthy guidelines. One of them is to stay well hydrated. In fact, this is often one of the most common causes of the continued tiredness. Many people don’t like drinking water, this being the best and the healthiest way to go. They justify it with water is tasteless and that does not provide them nothing. Faced with this problem, tea aromas have the best solution: hydrate-based teas and infusions, since they are made with water and, in addition, contain very important health properties. The importance of teas and infusions to hydrate, as well as other guidelines to follow to retrieve your physical and emotional state, I want to speak today in this article. begin!

Guidelines to follow to not be tired

caminar contra el cansancio
Out to walk for 20 / 30 minutes you will help to relax you
People, we never know how do them, but are brimming with energy everywhere and yet, both these people as the rest of us feel tired once in our life. A appearance, this of the fatigue, that is goes increasing according to going fulfilling years and, however, not is proven that the made of aging is associated to the fatigue, but as are going doing us older, have more tasks that do, live more situations of stress, rested less and, in occasions, eat badly or us hydrated little. If you also take a time tired, you recommend, in first place, that go to the medical of header so this discard that that tiredness not is associate to no other factor than to the of a period of tiredness that is can solve following them following guidelines:

  • Take a short NAP: and when we say short, talk about NAPs of no more than 20/30 minutes. You will help to recover forces and as not is is of a NAP long, this not you will prevent that can sleep calmly to the night.
  • Walking a bit: in a relaxed way. Even if you are tired, if you are unable to sleep, perhaps because you’re very nervous and stressed and maybe that is what is causing you fatigue. For this reason, walking will help you to relax and forget the stresses of the day. It can even help you organize the ideas and, thus, continue with your work that, so far, you were blocked.
  • Follow your own pace: sometimes we are so demanding with ourselves that we want to match us with other people and do everything they do. However, each person takes their rhythm and you have the yours. It distributes the tasks you should do during the day so you don’t collect them all at the same time, but as you’re making them, little by little, throughout your day.
  • Take foods that give you energy: and who do so in the long run. Energy you can give a piece of chocolate, but not is will extend both or is as healthy as take fruits dry, raisins, yogurt low in fat or honey, for example. Include these foods in your breakfast and you’ll see as you face your day more vital way.
  • Not take unnecessary supplements: there are people that spend the day taking vitamins and food supplements, when everything that these pills provide them also contain it foods that nature gives us. In this sense, we’d also make special mention of those people who take iron pills and are not low it. He iron only there that take it when, after an analysis medical, the doctor determines that is necessary that intake and during a time determines. The rest of the time is not necessary.
  • Not to abuse alcohol and outside tobacco: there are various scientific studies that associated with excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco increased fatigue. It is one thing to take a beer or a glass of wine once in a while and another do so repeatedly and daily.
  • Correct feeding and not skipping meals: healthy and balanced diet. That is one of the keys. You can give you whims from time to time, Yes, to but always and when you eat in a healthy and balanced. This does not mean that you have to eat little or evil. On the contrary, with healthy foods that can make recipes delicious, healthy, and balanced.
  • Hydrate yourself: we are made, in large part, of water, and, however, we are losing gradually throughout the day through urine or sweat, for example. This is why Staying hydrated is necessary. And as recommended experts, it is necessary to take 1 to 2 litres of water a day. If you take teas and infusions, you are also drinking water, so take note of that if you’re not taking the water alone.

Hydrate with teas and infusions

hidrátate con té e infusiones y olvídate del cansancio
On more than one occasion I have mentioned the benefits that have both tea and infusions for the health. One of the main benefits and which is common to all types of tea and herbal teas that you can find in the market is that they help us to keep us hydrated and this is helpful for people who don’t like drinking water to dry.

However, it is true that there are teas and teas that, in addition to hydrate ourselves, also help us fight fatigue, especially those containing: ginseng, as for example the Aromas of tea green tea ginseng passion ; melisa, as our Sweet dreams infusion or those that contain cinnamon, such as red tea Pu Erh cinnamon, which you’ll find in our online store.

In any case, take any type of tea and infusion always is a good way to stay hydrated, by what we recommend that, if these teas and teas that we have mentioned are not to your liking especially, you take a look at the rest of our shop on line, and choose which you like the most.

Happy rest!

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