The importance of consuming tea and infusions hot

La importancia de consumir tés o infusiones calientes para la salud

When we think of hot drinks, in general, comes to mind the image of winter, the quilt, a fireplace… and what is pleasant and well feel we feel that heat around our bodies to make us feel much better than we were. But, actually, that is only an of the various advantages that us provides take drinks hot, especially if are speaking of teas and infusions natural. And eating them, not only in winter or days that cold, but every day of the year.

We then explain some of the main reasons for what several studies recommended to consume teas and infusions hot:

  • Accelerates the metabolism: why it is good to take hot drinks during the meal. Can seem strange, because normally consume beverages cold or of the time, but if take teas or infusions hot, our body assimilate better the nutrients and, therefore, our metabolism will work best.
  • Digestive: at 30 degrees, the medicine ayurveda, the oldest and most traditional of the India, ensures beverages such as teas and infusions to help us to make better digestion, so you should join this idea to the aforementioned.
  • Helps you sweat: hot drinks help us sweat and, therefore, that our body temperature is regulated, especially in summer. In fact, if we take drinks hot us will feel much more fresh, despite it incongruous that can seem.
  • Decrease infections: if are colds or have flus, them teas e infusions natural us help to relieve them pains of throat, in addition to dilute the mucus and to open our lungs, by what also us helps to take care of us of form natural. In fact, a study by the University of Cardiff, ensures that take an infusion hot help to alleviate pain and discomfort in those moments, making an effect similar to morphine.
  • Avoid the fixation of fats: during them meals, especially those that are more greasy, take drinks hot, as the tea green u others infusions elaborate based plants natural, will allow that them fat not is set with so much ease in our body, as it would make them drinks cold.
  • Protect your heart: very cold drinks makes our heart blood pump more slowly than if we do taking natural hot drinks.
  • Health of the uterine tract: hot water helps to clean it, acting as a natural diuretic. In case of urinary tract infections, it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon to finish with them.
  • Improves our mood: and balances the nervous system. According to a study by the University of Colorado, people who take hot drinks, against people who take something cold, always respond in way more friendly than the latter.

Between some of them teas that the experts recommend as best to reach them benefits mentioned, them experts recommended: the tea green, tea red and tea black.

On the other hand, in terms of infusions, advise especially the following: Chamomile, those containing cinnamon, as for example, our secret East rooibos;  the rooibos fantasy of autumn ecological; anti-stress infusion or rooibos chai, beverages, all them, very digestive.  In addition, we also invite you to try our digestive infusions, to accompany meals or take them between meals and hot.

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