Teas and infusions for the cold

Everyone can take a cold throughout the year, but autumn and winter, i.e. colder times, is where more cases occur. Natural medicine always has opted for plants and medicinal flowers, hot taken and in the form of infusion will help you recover your defenses and eliminate the symptoms of a cold, effectively and without side effects.

Teas and herbal teas for breakfast: start the day in a healthy way

By tradition, there are many people who drink coffee in the morning, by the caffeine that it brings to our body and that, therefore, awakens us. While it is a healthy product, they are much more teas and infusions, which, in addition, take care of our health and welfare form integrates. To what you expect to add you to the phenomenon of breakfast happy?

Tea Spices: protects your stomach with them

Christmas is a time of great feasts and excesses, reason why our stomach suffers a lot, giving rise to unrest, decompositions and even vomiting, sometimes. To remedy it of form natural, in addition to trying to not exceed is too, there are certain spices that have very hand that help to improve the transit intestinal and them digestions heavy, feeling a sensation of relief and welfare. Taking them in infusion or tea, always will be much more pleasant

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